Sunday, March 8, 2015

Review: It Had to be You ( Chicago Stars #1 ) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

It Had to be You

What if a woman who knows nothing about sports inherits a professional football team? The Windy City definitely isn't ready for Phoebe Somerville, the outrageous York knockout who’s taking over their home town team. And Phoebe is definitely not prepared for the Stars' head coach Dan Calebow, a sexist jock taskmaster with a one-track mind. This is the book that began it all. The Chicago Stars are about to take the field... and they’re not the only ones playing for keeps.




All of a sudden this book keep popping in my feed last week and I realized although I had read some of SEP's book, I never actually read this Book 1 of Chicago Stars before. Those were the time when I read anything that's available in the library as standalone. Even though this book is 20 years old, it doesn't feel dated at all. 

Dan Calebow is such a Neanderthal, overbearing, sexist redneck. I don't even know why I end up liking such a character. He is no Prince Charming and all he think about is settling down and finding his baby mama. I think maybe I missed reading about a chauvinistic man who missed out on a whole social movement. Non of those metro-sexual, pussy-whipped or overly-romanticize hero. He even tried to juggle his interest between two women because he can't really decide at one point. Tell me you didn't feel like punching him. 

Phoebe is the reluctant heiress that end up owning a football team. A sport she know nothing about except loathe. She had a horrific past that drew a wedge between her and her father. Now she live her life hiding behind her bimbo persona to protect herself. Of course we learn that there is more to Phoebe that she let on to the world.

Put a clueless bimbo owner and a coach with temper management issue, is like putting gasoline and a torch together. Most of the time when they start arguing, I don't know whether they want to kill or rip each other clothes off.

It Had to be You reminds me the old good days when I started reading romance that isn't filled with profanities and filthy words. But thank goodness this is not all clean and PG either. I definitely love some smutt in my books and this one do have enough to satisfy me. Oh, the encounter in the beginning with Dan's kinky ex-wife just make me want to laugh out loud. 

I plan to find the time to read this series in the correct order this time around.

Rating 4/5