Friday, February 20, 2015

Review: Strength & Courage ( Night Horde SoCal #1 ) by Susan Fanetti

Strength & Courage by Susan Fanetti

The only constant is change.

The Night Horde SoCal is the new charter of the Night Horde MC, one that rose up from the ashes of a violent war with a drug cartel. The Horde’s outlaw days ended with that war.

Muse, like many of his SoCal brothers, was a member of an MC that was destroyed in that fight. A former Nomad enforcer, he’s struggled to be settled in a straight life. But Southern California is his home, his family is now Horde, and he has responsibilities. So he keeps his head down and does his best to take care of his family and responsibilities.

Sidonie has recently moved to Madrone, the town where the Night Horde SoCal has set up its base, to begin her job as a social worker for San Bernardino County. It’s work she feels a sense of mission to do.

Muse and Sid meet under stressful circumstances, on opposite sides of a dilemma. When Muse tries to bring her to his side, a fire catches between them.

As their feelings for each other deepen, the work of the SoCal charter becomes dangerous again. But the club isn’t the only potential danger for Sid. Her own work carries risk, too.

Muse needs to keep her safe. Sid needs to stand on her own. They won’t have a future together until they find the place where those needs merge and make them stronger.

Strength & Courage is the first book in the Night Horde SoCal series. Though this series, and thus its backstory, spins off from the Signal Bend Series, and though key characters from that series appear here, this focus is on the SoCal charter. If you haven’t been to Signal Bend yet, you won’t be lost in Madrone.




I'm to glad to start a new series with Susan Fanetti, and what's better than a spin off from my favorite Signal Bend series. 

Muse is the kind of hero who mind his own business. Although I don't felt like he is a quiet man like the story wanted to portray him to be. He was pretty communicative and not too alpha. As the heroine had a things against possessive alpha males.

Sidonie is the social worker that responsible for Demon's toddler son. As Demon is a member of the Night Horde MC, this bring Sid into contact with the MC indirectly. 

I think Muse and Sid relationship was pretty straight forward without much drama. Well, except for Sid hang up with her independence. She is the kind of heroine that refuse to rely on others and wanted to prove her awesomeness by doing everything by herself. 

We learned previously that Night Horde MC is the one that engage with Hollywood, they were pretty clean now. Muse is not really happy with the current situation because they were earning less, which means he is facing some tough times especially he had to care for his bedridden sister. When there is a chance that they will get involve in a drug run, Muse was all over it. But of course, things are never that simply. 

Why oh why, did I always felt that the MC always fighting a losing battle? It seems like they were the one who always got bullied and people dying. I just had a bad feeling with all that is going on between them and the cartel. And this new mysterious woman who lead a cartel? Holy hell. I kinda hoping she might turn out to be a heroine in the series. But I can't seems to find any of the male character here suitable. 

By the way, I was shocked when I read the spoiler from Leave a Trail, the final book of Signal Bend series. Since I haven't read that book yet, I was a bit baffled by what I learnt.

Rating 4/5