Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: Completion ( The Kane Trilogy #3.5 ) by Stylo Fantome

Completion by Stylo Fantome

The Devil gets his dues. 

What happens when Satan in the flesh meets Lillith in real life?

Some name calling, a lot of fighting, and even more loving.

For two years, Jameson Kane and Tatum O'Shea have made their relationship work. It might not work for anyone else on the planet, but it's perfect for them. Their own personal fairy tale.

But can Jameson give Tatum a true “happily ever after”? He's not sure.

Where would the devil go to buy a throne, anyway?




How I miss Jameson fucking Kane dirty talker cum asshole-extraordinaire. Often these extra books for a supposed trilogy make me nervous and I'm not sure I'm gonna like it. They are either filled with more unnecessary dramas or being pointless because it just filled with more fucking with the same couple that I had read enough. But Completion is really worth the extra bucks. 

I'm such a sucker for Jameson asshole-ish behaviour. I'm glad he stay true to his personality. I read enough of pussy-whipped man. Million thanks to the author for including all those bonus stuff at the end. The interview with Jameson had me laughing so hard and the deleted scene were priceless as well. I'm so gonna miss this guy. 

Okay, I shall Shut the fuck up, the Kane Trilogy is finally over.

Rating 5/5