Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: Touch ( Pagano Family #2 ) by Susan Fanetti

Touch by Susan Fanetti

Luca Pagano is a second son. The family rebel, he has always been a beat out of step with his father, who sees him as unserious and unsettled. But Luca is a man who knows his mind and follows his heart. He’s never met a woman with whom he wants to be serious or settled, and he is definitely not looking. Active and adventurous, he prefers an uncomplicated life, free of any attachments but those of his family.

Emmanuelle 'Manny' Timko has recently moved to Quiet Cove. She, too, avoids attachments beyond her family, but her reasons go deeper than simple preference. To make her way in the world, she’s had to build a life of coping mechanisms and control.

The connection they make together is as intense as it is unlikely. To love Manny, Luca must learn to love in a new way. To love Luca, Manny must learn to love at all.

When Luca’s uncles come to him to collect on a debt, what Luca and Manny have found together will be sorely tested. What happens next could change everything for them and for the whole Pagano family.




This one is the strongest among the Pagano Family series. Luca Pagano is the bad boy, the rebel. I had a weakness for such man. What make this one so different is the heroine, Manny, who suffer a rare mental problem.

Manny is a short little petite young lady who had reactive attachment disorder and difficulty in interpreting people emotion. She don't understand hidden meaning or innuendo. Actually she felt pretty much like most of the autism characters that I read before. The main difference is, she is susceptible to violence when she is having one of her major breakdown.

Due to her condition and the need to be brutally honest, this bring forth many hilarious and surreal conversation between her and Luca. Plenty of WTF and LoL moments.

Luca is a the kind of harmless bad boy who enjoying his single life. His encounter with Manny make him intrigue with her colorful personality. He can't keep this weird girl out of his mind.

I totally get what makes Luca want to be with Manny. But this girl don't know how to love someone and never been in a relationship before. Everything to her is foreign and she don't even like people touching her. The whole no touching rules she impose on Luca felt too much to me. It reminds me of the TV series Pushing Daisies whereby if Lee Pace ever touch his girlfriend, she will drop dead.

Back to Luca and Manny, their relationship is totally out of norm and I love seeing how they become such an intimate item. But honestly, I felt that Luca is working too hard for it. He is the kind of guy who can get whoever he want, but he seems to suffer so much to be with this difficult girl. If you like reading such a patient, giving and accepting guy, Luca is your man.

Rating 4/5