Saturday, January 10, 2015

Review: Reparation ( The Kane Trilogy #3 ) by Stylo Fantome

Reparation by Stylo Fantome

The Devil has met his match 

When Tatum O'Shea decides it's time for some payback, no one is safe from her new game - not even the devil himself. Tate is going to get her happily ever after, even if it means making everyone else unhappy in the process.

But a persistent Jameson, a meddling Sanders, and an amorous baseball player make it very hard for a girl to keep her focus, and suddenly it seems Tate has a few too many suitors for her fairy tale ending.

Sometimes, it's very difficult to tell who Prince Charming really is ...




I think I'm gonna rate this an overall 4 stars series.

I'm scared to start this, I'm worried that Tate is gonna do something awful just to make her revenge. Thank God things didn't went out of hand, or else I might not be able to forgive her.

We have a lot of page time for a certain baseball player, Nick Castille, one of the most giving, sweet and also boring man on earth. Tate wants something normal, marriage, babies and picket fences. If she can't get it from Jameson, she might as well settle for Nick. Or that's what she plan.

Jameson wants to give up on his path for redemption. I mean, all his apologies went on to deaf years and nothing he did seems to be right. Tate just plainly no longer believes in him and blame him for everything that went wrong. When did fun times with her became so damn complicated. He had enough! 

Of course, dear Sanders will never let his father figure wallow in self pity. I still think Sanders is the best thing that ever happened to Jameson, not Tate. Sanders is gonna bring his 'parent' back together again no matter what it takes. 

Doubler standard alert! Why is it that Tate being so damn close with Ang and Sanders and even Nick and I'm supposed to be okay with that? Their closeness is not just talking on phone or going for lunch. Is much more than that and I'm not feeling accepting about her touchy feely behaviour with all these men. I mean for Jameson, if he even being on the same continent with his ex-girlfriend, Tate freaked the fuck out! Double standard much?!

For me, the thing I loved most of this series is all the rough sex, dirty talk and Jameson's jerk behaviour. Even when he tried to be nice, he still manage to retain his jerk-ness without being a pussy. Many heroes I read, turn 180 degree with sappy love declaration and make me roll my eyes thinking 'for real'?

I'm looking forward to the extended epilogue that is coming out next month.

Rating 4/5