Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review: Footstep ( Pagano Family #1 ) by Susan Fanetti

Footsteps by Susan Fanetti

Carlo Pagano Jr. is the eldest son of a large Italian-American family in Quiet Cove, Rhode Island. He’s a disappointment to his father but a hero to the young son he is raising alone, after his wife abandoned them.

Sabina Alonzo-Auberon is a beautiful Argentine native married to one of the most powerful and wealthy men in New England. Though James Auberon is highly esteemed, the power and glamour the world sees hide a darker reality that exists within the walls of their home. Sabina is trapped in a life of control and abasement, living with a man too powerful and vengeful to escape. 

Sabina doesn’t wish to be rescued and whisked away on a white horse. She’s not looking for a fairy tale hero; she knows the fairy tale is a lie. She’s waiting for the chance to save herself. But she won’t turn down help if it comes.

A fateful meeting with Carlo brings Sabina the chance to break free and make a life on her own terms. If any name demands respect and strikes fear more than Auberon, it’s Pagano. Carlo’s uncles head one of the most powerful ‘families’ in the Northeast, and they will offer their help—for a price.

What begins as an offer of assistance deepens into an intense bond, but before Carlo and Sabina can be together, they must overcome the obstacles in their path.

Together Carlo and Sabina seek true and honest love, and freedom from the demons of their pasts, but no quest was ever without its trials.




Oh my bad. I thought this series is about a mafia family. Guess I'm wrong. The only mafia connection we have is the hero's uncle is the mafia Don. This book resemble Kristin Higgin's Blue Heron series due to the emphasize of a big family tree and a sweet romance. 

Carlo Pagano Jr. is the eldest sibling of the Italian-American family. He is a single dad and also one of the good guy. When he saw Savannah being treated badly by her famous philanthropist of a husband, James Auberon, he decided to step in to help the poor woman.

Savannah is trapped in a horrible marriage with the abusive James Auberon for fifteen years. Never had she thought she will have a chance to free herself from his sadistic clutch, but when she came across Carlo Pagano, she dare to hope for a taste of freedom.

Footsteps had a perfect recipe for a great suspense or something dark. James is one sadistic bastard, but his treatment to Savannah was not describe in graphic detail. For those who had a delicate sensibility to abuse, do not sweat. Not only that, we also had a dose of deranged ex-wife appearance. Bullets flying and all that. 

My main problem is that all these conflicts mentioned above was resolved too easily and I felt totally anti-climatic about it. I felt that Susan Fanetti totally wasted this opportunity for a great psychological thriller. We should have more of the villain wreaking havoc to Carlo's life. 

My favorite part of the book is the Pagano's family. I think I'm a little in love with bad boy, Luca. Who can resist this fine specimen. He had a rebellious streak, but you know deep down he is a good guy. I wish we can have more about Uncle Ben and Uncle Lorrie's family story. What can I say, I had a thing for mafiya and violence. 

If you went into this for a feel good romance with a side of boisterous family, I'm sure you won't be disappointed like I do. I'm heading over to read Luca's book next.

Rating 3.5/5