Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review: Degradation ( The Kane Trilogy #1 ) by Stylo Fantome

Degradation by Stylo Fantome

The Devil has come out to play 

Eighteen year old Tatum O'Shea is a naive, shy, little rich girl. Twenty-three year old Jameson Kane is smart, seductive, and richer. They come together for one night, one explosion, one mistake, and Tate is hurled into space – no family, no money, and no Jameson.

Seven years later, life is going pretty good for Tate, when she runs into Jameson again. This time, she thinks she's ready for him. She doesn't have a naive bone left in her body, and she can't even remember what shy feels like. Jameson has evolved into Satan – sharp teeth, sharper claws, and a tongue that can cut her in half. It all sounds like fun to a girl like Tate, and she is ready to play, determined to prove that she isn't the same girl he conquered once before. A series of games start, each one more devious than the last.

But the devil likes to play dirty, and she learns that playing for souls is playing for keeps. The lines between games and reality, heaven and hell, get blurry. Can she beat Jameson at his own game before someone gets hurt? Or will he leave her soulless, making him the winner, once and for all?




Actually this book is not that 'dark' as I expected it to be. If I take out the rough sex and the degrading dirty talk, this might just be a romantic comedy. I laughed so much while reading their sexual banter at each other in and out of the bedroom. The bisexual friend, Angier is funny. Even the stoic assistant, Sander, is also funny in his own peculiar way. 

The prologue brought us to seven years ago, on the day Tate slept with her bossy sister's boyfriend, Jameson. So that make Tate's the slutty sister and Jameson, the cheater! Instead of feeling disgusted by them, I thought the whole scene was really hot. And when Tate gave Jameson the middle finger, I just love this spunky young lady. 

Seven years later, Tate is the wild and sexually confident woman who was struggling with rents, but she love her life. Jameson is still the same rich and successful prick. They met again and then kaboom, fireworks everywhere.

Jameson Kane manage to avoid the cliche rich man persona. He is domineering without being OTT like all the other rick prick that I read about. He doesn't make up stupid rules. And he had a great sense of humor! Honestly, the banter between Tate and Jameson is the highlight of the book. The way they goad and test each other boundaries.

Despite the 'degradation' as the theme of the book, I don't think of it as some kind of humiliation on Tate's part. He just love to dirty talk to her and she love it. It just happened that some of the words he used comprises of 'slut', 'whore' and 'stupid'. But I don't think Jameson really mean it literally, or if he did, he wants her anyway. 

They enjoyed an open relationships, love playing games with each other, who gonna win, who gonna lose. Everything is nice and dandy until someone got hurt. Things ended in an ugly way. I'm nervous for the next book.

Rating 5/5