Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Beyond by Chantal Fernando

Beyond by Chantal Fernando

Olivia Reynolds lives a sheltered life. Daughter of the leader of their small community, she is treated like a princess, never allowed beyond the safety of the walls. When her father decides she must marry, she chooses the man she has secretly lusted after ever since she first laid eyes on him.

Dane Mitchell.

One of her father’s best men, Dane is as lethal is he is attractive, and Olivia is thrilled at the thought of being at his side.

Dane Mitchell doesn’t want to be forced into marriage. He is a soldier, a fighter, and has a bigger purpose in life. He doesn’t have the time to deal with a spoilt pampered princess such as Olivia, but owes his life to Evan, Olivia’s father. He accepts the marriage.

But that doesn’t mean he has to like it.




This is a quick fun and sexy read. Is hard for me to rate because on one hand, I thought it was good for a quickie and I really enjoyed myself, but on the other hand I don't think this 150 pages is worth $3.99.

The blurb didn't give me any background on the time period. I thought it is a mafia story. With the mafia princess wanted to marry the right hand man. All of a sudden, the mentioned of them staying in a castle threw me off guard. There isn't any world building to ease you into it. After several chapters, only that did I found out this is a freakingdystopian. The earth is overrun by zombies and their population is staying behind the walls within the castle. Okay. 

But non of that really matters because we don't get much explanation on it. Just don't think too much and enjoy the ride. The focus of the story is the relationship between Olivia and Dane. She handpicked him to be her husband and he was not amused. But after getting to know each other, they learn that maybe an arranged marriage is not so bad afterall. 

Dane had a healthy dose of alpha goodness and sweetness in him. Not too OTT, but still manage to make you swoon when he turn into a protective brute. Olivia is one spitfire that stand toe to toe with Dane. 

Considering I want this to be a quickie with a healthy dose of sex to satiate me, I was a little disappointed with the medium high steam level. I was looking for dirty filthy sex., instead I got a few sentences each time. Just when I started getting hot and bothered, they finished. Hey! That's rude, ya know. 

This had a good premise for something great. There is so many things I wish Chantal will explore. A lot of things left unanswered. I tried not to think too much and enjoy it as what it is.

Rating 3.5/5