Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: Cover of Darkness ( Suspense Series #2 ) by Kaylea Cross

Cover of Darkness by Kaylea Cross

Targeted by a terrorist cell, Bryn McAllister survives a bombing at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut only to be left to die in a desert cellar. When she is rescued by Navy SEAL Lieutenant Declan McCabe and his team, Bryn must rely on the handsome officer to get her to safety. But just when she thinks the nightmare is over, family friend and legendary CIA operative Luke Hutchinson recruits her and McCabe to help track down the terrorist mastermind responsible for the attack. With Bryn determined to see the terrorist brought to justice, Dec joins up to protect her, prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her safe during their dangerous mission. Battling the explosive attraction between them, Dec fights to keep his distance from her so he can do his job and keep her alive. But when plans fall apart and Bryn is captured, he must make the agonizing choice between his duty as a SEAL and the life of the woman he loves. 




This follow up is totally different compare to Book 1. While Book 1 felt more like a contemporary romance with a little suspense, this one was straight up hardcore military suspense with a little romance thrown in. I was caught off guard by that fact.

There is a lot of details about the Middle East politics, which drives me a little dizzy. But I'm amazed by Kaylea's knowledge nonetheless. This whole deal is about Luke trying to make use of Bryn's as a human bait to capture Tehrazzi, while recruiting the Navy Seal, Declan as some sort of bodyguard. But I don't understand the rationale behind it at all. All Luke did was whisking Bryn all over Middle East trying to follow Tehrazzi's location. He can totally take down the man himself without the added burden of Bryn. To me Bryn totally didn't serve her purpose. 

The romance and the steam level between Declan and Bryn is just okay. In comparison to the grand scheme of thing happening, maybe it doesn't really matter much. In fact, I find Luke's limited conversation with his ex-wife, Emily more heartfelt. Oh, I just can't wait to go through the next two books and get my hands on the final one. 

Action plot and Luke - 4 stars
Romance plot - 3 stars

Rating 3.5/5