Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review: Puddle Jumping by Amber L. Johnson

Puddle Jumping by Amber L. Johnson

When it comes to love there’s no such thing as conventional.

Everyone thinks Colton Neely is special.

Lilly Evans just thinks he’s fascinating.

Once friends when they were younger, their bond is cut short due to her accident prone nature and they go their separate ways. Years later, they meet again and Lilly learns that there is something special about the boy she once knew, but she has no idea what it all means. And she’s not sure if she’s ready to find out.

When he walks through the corridor of her school the first day of her senior year, she knows that it’s time to get to know the real Colton Neely. The more she learns, the deeper she falls.

Their friendship grows into love, even as Colton does not express it in words. But one decision threatens to break down the world that Lilly has tried so hard to integrate into and she must figure out if the relationship can survive if they are apart.


Young Adult


I didn't realize this book is only 126 pages until I finished it. But don't worry, the story comes with a complete package that had a beginning, a build up and a nice ending.

This is the third book I read with an Asperger's hero. Rosie's Project was a quirky one, while Reclaiming the Sand was an emotional one that make me cry, but thank God for HEA. 

Puddle Jumping is a sweet YA read about a teenage girl, Lilly that falls for an Asperger boy, Colton. If you avoid reading this because you can't stand teenage bullying, then don't worry. The characters in this book are really nice, understanding and supportive.

When Lily used to be Colton's playmate when she was 10, she didn't realize he was different from other kids. Six years later when she meet him again at senior high, things finally clicked into place. She longed to see him again after all these years and now she can be his friend again.

I just love how Lily was so devoted to Colton. She learned all she can about his condition and tried to help him to acclimatize to his new surroundings. She was so understanding when Colton isn't able to express his feelings to her. She is the best girlfriend ever!

Look, being a girl in high school is hard enough. But add having to do the 'dude' duty of asking someone to hang out was making my head want to implode.

Colton is socially inept and his family is trying to help him blend into the society by enrolling him in special classes. His only passion is art and now Lily. He never did know how to show Lily his love in conventional way, but you just know from his little action and through his painting.

"She's paint by number, you're a watercolor."

Their love story was simply, yet touching. Due to Colton's condition, they were so honest and straight forward with each other. I like how the author portray their relationship from friendship to something more physical. And how Colton is just like any normal boy when it comes to being with his girlfriend. 

Lily do have some of her teenage moment like dealing with her insecurities, but it was never over the top. The inclusion of some supportive secondary characters was a nice touch, the families and friends from school. I like the ending that they face a real life situation that might threaten their relationship. The ending was really sweet.

Rating 4/5