Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review: Midnight Everlasting ( The UnderCity Chronicles #2 ) by S. M. Stelmack

Midnight Everlasting by SM Stelmack

When a brutal massacre rocks London's underworld, Zephanie Sweetly must uncover why the legendary Rawheads have suddenly reappeared, shattering the age old truce with her bloodline.

Ten years ago Thomas Coyle's son disappeared, the trail leading beneath the city's streets to a shadow world ruled by secret clans.

Now, bound by the prophesy of an ancient lineage, the two must fight their way through a web of lies to save those they love from the wrath of an unknown enemy. But sometimes the deadliest enemies are the ones closest to our hearts.

London's Rat Queen arises, and it's time to pay the piper.




This is a strong follow up for Book 1 Undertow, a book I absolutely love and adore. I can't stop gushing about it and really hope more people know about the book. Yes, Undertow! A story about subterranean life in New York City and a hero with a case of PTSD after being trapped underground for years. Intrigue much?

"The Midnight Everlasting. A place of eternal darkness."

In Midnight Everlasting, we got a change of scene and venture into the subterranean in the heart of London. Our heroine, Zephanie Sweetly is the Rat Princess, the head of Sweetly clan that serve as a mediator who provide a safe ground for criminal dealings. 

The appearance of Rawheads, which is some kind of shadowy monster that responsible for a massacre make Zephanie to seek out help from Thomas Coyle, a private detective specialize in missing person. Zephanie believes that by finding the missing hacker is the key to solving the puzzle and she had the perfect bait to get Thomas on board. 

Thomas Coyle, our hero had been searching for his lost son for ten years. This just reminds me of my recent reread of Cry No More, about a parent's love and relentless pursue in searching for their lost children. For the first time, Tom finally got a lead on his son, only for it to come from someone from the wrong side of the law. His initial animosity towards Zephanie was palpable. But he just can't resist in finding out the truth behind his missing son. 

Midnight Everlasting give us the perfect blend of facts and fictions. The ongoing investigation of the agenda behind the Rawheads was intriguing and the action scene gives me the adrenaline rush. The truth behind Tom's missing son left me baffled. Holy cow! These people still exist?

The romance was pretty much a subplot, a side dish that spice things up. I have to say it was not as emotional or something that move me as much as the romance between Lindsay and Cole. It is still well done and I just can't wait for them to get it on and wondering how can they reach a HEA with her being a Rat Princess. She basically have to remain underground, right?

Zephanie had known about Tom for years and been keeping tabs on his life. She wants to help him with his search and according to the prophecy she knew he is the ONE. Reading her inner dilemma on how the heck is she going to win over a man who actually despise her heritage is something fun to read. As for Tom, his initially prejudice gives way to understanding and acceptance. To him, this is a second chance.

"You're not perfect. I'm not perfect. Pieces of a puzzle don't fit together because they are smooth and whole but because they're broken and rough in the right places."

Despite being Book 2, this one can definitely works as a standalone. But why skip Book 1, Undertow is too awesome to pass up, if you are into romantic thriller/suspense. Anyway, I was happy to see an old face here. Reggie! Previous couple, Lindsay and Jack was also mentioned, but I would love to see their cameo. Maybe in subsequent books? 

Bring on Paris!

Rating 4/5