Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review: For Fallon ( Chicago Syndicate #1 ) by Soraya Naomi

For Fallon by Soraya Naomi

We all have a façade, a concealed mask we wear to portray ourselves to the world. 

Fallon’s mask is real, what you see is what you get. Growing up with two loving parents in Chicago, graduating in Chicago, and now working a job she loves, she enjoys her life. 

Her untarnished world is shaken when Luca crosses her path. 

Luca’s mask is tightly controlled. Distrust, rivalry, and violence rule his life.

When confronted with insecurities, when the one you love wears his mask perfectly, when your life unravels and you don’t know why, do you keep trusting the person you love? 

Everyone has a façade. Everyone has an ulterior motive.

A contemporary romance/ romantic thriller in dual point of view. Contains sexual content and violence.




I'm so excited for my fellow GR friend, Soraya ever since she announced that she's working on her debut novel. She's such a super cool chick to be writing her own book. 

For Fallon is not as dark as I thought it would be. When I hear dark, I think of deplorable hero and BDSM. This one gear more towards romantic suspense with a mafia plot. The story started off quite slow, not the kind that hooked me in from the get go. Initially, I was having problem connecting with Fallon because reading about her day to day life seemed mundane and inconsequential. 

Fallon is a copywriter for a company that host charity events and during a night at the local bar, she met our hero, Luca. First glance, he looks like Mr. Nice Guy, albeit a hot one, acting all pleasant and gentleman-ly, but truthfully, he's kind of shady and reclusive about his work. Told from a dual POV, we knew Luca is an underboss of the Chicago Syndicate, in short he's with the mob.

They have this insta-attraction going on from the first meeting. After the short UST, it didn't take long for them to be together, with Fallon non the wiser of Luca's profession. I find their relationship progress a tad too quick, it happen even before I develop feelings for the characters. So not much rooting happening from my part, but damn, the sex was hot! Soraya definitely had a knack for writing some scorching hot scenes. 

After the book hit 40%, this is when things got interesting. Finally, I see the big picture of where this story is heading and anticipating what's going to happen next. I knew things seems too good to be true for the happy couple. They basically built up an entire relationship based on lies. Of course is going to blow up in their face and things is going to be nasty. 

Is all the lies going to break Fallon and Luca apart? And will Fallon be able to accept Luca for being who he is?

Towards the end, there were some pretty awesome angst thrown in and some violence/gore that satisfy my inner sadism and suspense that kept me flipping the pages just so I can know how it all turns out. Will Fallon and Luca achieve their HEA here? Then all of a sudden, I'm treated with a mid cliffhanger, which I find it still tolerable albeit making me itching for the next one. 

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

Rating 4/5