Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: In Dark Woods ( Signal Bend #4.5 ) by Susan Fanetti

In Dark Woods by Susan Fanetti

Ride or die.

An act of treachery has weakened Isaac Lunden, President of the Night Horde MC. His life, and his family’s, is changed fundamentally. Lilli, his old lady, is at his side, exhorting him to fight. But he isn’t sure that what’s left to him is enough to fight for. This is the story of Isaac and Lilli’s journey through those dark woods.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This novella develops a plot point in Alone on Earth, Book Four of the Signal Bend Series, that could not be adequately explored in the POVs of that book. The description below therefore is a spoiler for that event.




I've been anticipating this novella since half way reading through Bart's story. Thank God for this novella, or else I wouldn't know how to cope. When I thought that Isaac and Lilli have finally found their peace, then shit happens again. I might just have enough! But in the meantime we also witnessed how beautiful and strong their love for each other is. They fight like any old couple and Isaac can be a total douche and child sometimes when he can't cope. But they are there for each other. I still remember how Isaac cared for Lilli during her meltdown and now is Lilli turned to be there for her man who was in the brink of giving up his life.

Just prepare some Kleenex before starting this one. A must read for every Isaac and Lilli's fan.

Rating 5/5