Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review: All the Sky ( Signal Bend #5 ) by Susan Fanetti

All the Sky by Susan Fanetti

Joseph “Havoc” Mariano is an enforcer for the Night Horde MC. He’s a punch first, think maybe kind of guy, a man of action. He's impatient and frustrated with the quiet life—times are changing, his town is changing, his club is changing, and Havoc places the blame squarely on the women that his brothers are settling down with. There's only room for two women in his life: his mother and his sister. Romance holds no appeal for him whatsoever. He’s a homegrown, hometown boy whose attitude covers scars he’s mostly forgotten about.

Corinne Hawes is a single mother struggling to find a way to make a life for her and her teenage son, Nolan. She is an artist at heart, a free spirit on whom the structure and rigor of routine chafes hard. When she takes a job that makes Havoc her boss, they butt heads. But in their confrontations, a spark ignites. When they let their guards down, that spark explodes into a blaze.

While Cory learns to trust Havoc, and Havoc grapples with a major shift in his priorities and outlook on life, the period of legitimacy and peace comes to an end for the Horde. They had no idea that they were in so deep until an old enemy resurfaces and perpetrates a horror that affects Havoc, and Cory, profoundly. 




Susan Fanetti did it again. She make me fall hard for every single hero she wrote for Signal Bend series. The last three heroes were all instantly likable, but this time she gave us a hotheaded asshole. He might not be everyone cup of tea and he did some awful things, but I love his story nonetheless. 

Even though Havoc is a sexist jerk with a short fuse, had awful manners and blatantly disrespect women in general, I can't help but fall in love with him. I might even like him more than Show. Crazy, I know. 

Fucking chicks ruined every damn thing.

Above is Havoc's mantra. To him, every bad things that happened in Signal Bend for the last four years were caused by women. I agree with him, people since the beginning of time went to war for chicks for Godsake. 

Havoc is often restless, spoiling for a fight and having a hard time coming to terms with Isaac new lifestyle, which is more family-friendly. I don't think he was being disrespectful or against Isaac in any way. He was just bore to death by the mundane work and all the peace and quiet. He signed up to be a badass outlaw biker, not a wine bar manager and having to visit a winery! It kind of affected his manhood.

Corrine is a single mum with a 15 year old son, Nolan. She had a gig in Havoc's bar and both of them were often at odds with each other. He flipped her off during one of their early encounter. Real classy, Havoc. 

"You really are an asshole."
"Oh, yeah. Been perfecting that for thirty-eight years."

One of the best part of the book is Havoc's friendship with Nolan. Although he is such an asshole all the time, he is really kind and caring towards Nolan. This soften Cory's feeling towards him as well. The boy reminded him of Bart so much. I never thought Havoc and Bart were so tight that he misses him dearly. I kind of break my heart seeing Havoc feeling so lonely.

There is nothing insta with Havoc and Cory, maybe insta-hate. Anyway, Havoc never tap pussy that works for him, so he avoid Cory when he started having weird feelings to her. But you know, he can't resist temptation for long and the infuriating woman just drove him mad.

"He really is a caveman, isn't he?"
"He's not even that evolved. What came before caveman?"

I like the way Susan handle Havoc's character. She manage to balance the jerk, vulnerable and loving man into Havoc. He did not just change into a someone pussy-whipped just because he found his one true love. I love he remain some jerk part, it make him stands out among the others.

For example, he consider having a pussy during one of his run as not cheating. Is he for real? I don't how he draw the geographical limit. Thank God he didn't actually do it because he found out having phone sex with Cory much more interesting. Aww...

One of the most memorable scene for me was when he said,

"Ride with me, Cory."

I'm a total goner by then.

I like every aspect of their romance maybe except the part when they argue there were too much 'fuck you' flying around. I was a little anxious when Cory felt that Havoc is not being a good role model for Nolan and she worried about her family safety, but later on she did came around.

Let talk about the club business. Isaac was getting a new deal of running weeds across town. Money is money, right? I bet he is collecting college funds now. Danger is imminent and I just knew bad things gonna happened.

Havoc became messed up when someone dear to him was targeted. Oh, my heart break all over again. I forgot how many tears I had shed for this series. Hey, this is supposed to be a badass biker story, why are we always crying around? Awful things happened and Havoc is having a hard time coping. Will his relationship with Cory manage to withstand all this pressure? 

Chicks did - they ruined everything. But now he wanted to keep it ruined.

Overall, this is another great addition to the best MC series I've ever read. I can't believe we only have two more books to go before the series ended. Susan manage to include all the previous casts for us to catch up on without overshadowing the main couple in this book. As her usual style, she manage to give us the violence, the harsh shocker and tender loving romance, this time with an infuriating hero and a forgiving heroine.

Havoc's life was brighter and bigger and freer than he'd ever thought it could be, like a long, open road canopied by an infinite sky.

Rating 5/5