Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review: Summer Girl, Winter Boy by Barbara Elsborg

Summer Girl, Winter Boy by Barbara Elsborg

Jai Winter is trying to do the right thing, even though he knows it’s wrong. Forced to participate in kinky sex games, the renowned model spends his spare moments creating an impressive list of suicide options. Until a snowy day provides a bit of Summer…a pink-haired burst of sunshine with a ready smile. What begins as the hottest sex of his life turns into a ray of hope.

Summer Dey has baggage of her own—literally. Having spent eighteen months in South America trying to escape a shocking accident, Summer finds an illegal nightmare hidden in her suitcase. She doesn’t want to put Jai in danger, but his gorgeous face and killer bod prove hard to resist.
Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, and everything would be perfect if it wasn’t for blackmail, drug dealers and tragic events in both their pasts. Staying together could be their salvation—or their ultimate undoing.




Jai Winter - a sweet and charming, famous model and an unwilling modern sex slave who was blackmailed by his agent. He endured a decade of tortured to protect the people he loves. He considered ending his life in so many ways.

Summer Dey - a funny and carefree young meteorologist and someone who was misunderstood by her family for causing an awful tragedy. She was running away from the stress of the family by travelling around South America for 18 months. Then she found out she was a victim of drug trafficking. 

They both met when they were stranded in the Philadelphia airport and spent an unforgettable night together. What was supposed to be a one night stand turned into something sweet and lovely when they both want to make it work upon arriving back at their home-turf, London. 

I found the relationship that Jai and Summer built together was really sweet and endearing. Is the kind that make you swoon instead of feeling frustrated. They were so silly and happy together. Despite the dark cloud that surrounded them constantly, it never felt depressed or heavy. Before you think Jai must had some serious issue due to his predicament, he was actually really sweet-natured.

Jai wanted to look for a way out of his fucked up lives and wanted a future with Summer. He was hoping she could accept him when she found out the truth. Summer wanted to get her family forgiveness, while dealing with some drug dealers breathing down her neck. And Jai just seemed too perfect for a boyfriend, she can't help looking out for his flaws. 

Will they survive it and came out unscathed? Of course they do. They were so supportive of each other and never judge the other of what happened in the past. They were both so genuine and giving and I had a huge smile on my face when reading this.

Love this simply, fun and loving standalone. Charlie and Kate, the couple from Strangers make a brief appearance and they were too adorable. I think I might head over and read their story. 

Rating 4/5