Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Into the Storm ( Signal Bend #3 ) by Susan Fanetti

Into the Storm by Susan Fanetti

Signal Bend, Missouri survived a war on its streets and has arrived at a period of growth and peace. The town and its guardians, the Night Horde MC, relax into this moment of hope, looking toward the future for the first time in decades.

Everyone but Robert “Showdown” Ryan. Having suffered tremendous loss in that war, and taking on the burden of blame for it, Show has nothing left of himself. He is an empty husk of a man, drowning in grief and whiskey, seeking relief in numbness.

Shannon Bannerman has come to Signal Bend to manage the new Keller Acres Bed & Breakfast. She has left a successful city life to start anew in this tiny town, trying to keep the door closed on the regrets of her past.

Shannon is drawn to Show despite his stony detachment, and he is drawn to her despite his need to stay numb. But the pain in their pasts is deep and damaging. Only real love, like neither of them has ever known, could heal it.




Is impossible for me not to like this book because I know Show intimately since Book 1 and after what happened to him in Book 2, this man desperately in need of his own HEA. For me, as long as the heroine is passably okay, I will definitely enjoy it. Surprisingly, Shannon turned out as quite a catch and I warm up to her even quicker compare to Lilli.

Even with Signal Bend currently experiencing some downtime with some peace and quiet, I never felt bore at all. In fact, I felt invested on Show and Shannon from beginning until the end. Apart from that, Isaac and Lilli's strong present in the book also boost up my interest. I love catching up with the lovely couple that went through hell and back.

Shannon is the new manager hired by Lilli to manage her B&B. She was doing a really great job with the business and successfully hold a few wedding receptions to bring in people into the once sleepy town. She got some really great help from Badger and Show too. Signal Bend is also slowly thriving from all the media attention since the event in Book 2 and even targeted by the Hollywood! The Horde and Isaac is trying to control the real story from leaking out to the media.

Show had been living in hell since his family departure and drowning himself with booze and keeping everything to himself. However, despite his pitiful state, he managed to catch Shannon's attention. The woman had a big crush on the reclusive Show since day one and keep trying to get him to open up.

"You look at me like you see something."
"I do. I see kindness. Strength. And sorrow."

I enjoyed seeing the heroine making the moves on the guy for a change. Despite being a little forward, she still manage to maintain some dignity and not being totally shameless about it. Way to go, girl!

Initially Show was being a total douche to Shannon and the poor guy might be even thinking he is too old for this romance shit. He is fifty, I guess? But when he finally manage to come around and realize what a great chance he is having now, things got really nice and sweet. He can't believe he is having a second chance at finding love again after all those years of heartache. 

I have nothing to complaint about the romance department, I totally love it. The sex scenes were always freaking intense, every moment felt so meaningful. (view spoiler)

Is Signal Bend series getting better and better, or am I being totally biased because I grew to love the lot of 'em? I don't know, but I'm now totally committed myself to finishing the entire series. There is such a big changes experience by the town and its people since Book 1. I can't wait to see what Signal Bend will face next. 

Next up is Bart's story. Honestly, my anticipation level for his story is pretty low because I felt like I don't really know him beside being the Horde's hacker. Nonetheless, I heard some pretty intense shit going on with Isaac there. I'm mentally preparing myself for it.

Rating 4.5/5