Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review: The Heart Has Reason by Martine Marchand

The Heart Has Reason by Martine Marchand

Suspense and erotic romance abound in this gripping novel of a woman fighting for her very life.

Ex-Special Forces operative Chase O'Malley is colossally bored with the tedium of civilian life. When wealthy Hank Keswick offers him a generous sum to kidnap his fugitive trophy wife, Larissa Santos, and transport her from Charleston S.C. back to Southern California, Chase welcomes the opportunity to go on yet another "mission", unaware that his new client is really Brian Sparrow, the serial killer Larissa Santos barely survived two years ago.

Larissa quickly perceives that she has nothing to fear from her ski-masked abductor although--instinctively knowing that Sparrow is the engineer behind her kidnapping--she is determined to escape at any cost. Warned by Larissa's "husband" that she's a compulsive liar and an Oscar-worthy actress, Chase refuses to believe he's delivering her into harm's way.

As Chase transports Larissa clear across the continent, neither one anticipates the intense attraction that develops between them despite their mutual antagonism, an attraction so intense that it crackles with sexual electricity.

Will Larissa be able to convince Chase that he's delivering her to a man who wants her dead? If not, will she somehow manage to survive a second encounter with serial-killer Brian Sparrow? Will FBI Special Agent Jarvis succeed in sending Chase to prison for the rest of his life?

The compelling characters, sexual tension, suspense, action, passion, and intrigue combine to create a rousing, edge-of-your-seat romantic thriller with plot twists that will keep readers mesmerized until the very last page.




The word Ex-Special forces and serial killer make a good romantic suspense. But truth to be told, this isn't much a suspense. The story is about the serial killer, Brian Sparrow who hired, ex-special forces, Chase O'Malley to help kidnap his 'wife', Larissa Santos. Chase believing he is delivering back a trophy wife to the rightful husband didn't know he was actually delivering a victim to a serial killer.

Larissa Santos had a run in with a sadistic serial killer, Brian Sparrow three years ago. Her attacker fled and never capture. From then on, she had been extremely wary, worrying about her own safety. When she was kidnap by a masked man, she knew he must be working for Sparrow. She make it her mission to escape, no matter what it takes.

Chase is one of the sweetest kidnapper that I couldn't help but find him totally funny. When he decided to fed the tank of fish in her house while kidnapping Larissa, I practically snorted thinking what a total boy scout he is. He had a bad experience of being cheated on by his wife. Thus, instinctively, he had label Larissa as an unfaithful runaway wife. But the way, this feisty woman was so skilled in martial arts and runaway attempt, he couldn't help but admire her. If their circumstances were different and if she isn't a world class liar, he might find himself wanting to keep her.

Larissa knew Chase was a good man and will never hurt her, despite he had all the opportunity to take advantage of her. She tried to reason with him and convince him to let her go, but he was having non of it. During their four days together while travelling across the country, they grew closer despite tons of bickering going on and Chase was feeling tormented on whether he should believe her or not. Well, on Larissa part, she was wondering should she bash him or shoot him while he is asleep.

Will Chase deliver Larissa to Sparrow? I'm pretty excited at this point wanting to see their encounter with the serial killer to witness how all things will pan out for them. 

The second half detailing on how Larissa and Chase tried to avoid being sent to prison was a bit draggy. I was patiently waiting for the whole investigation to be done with. Agent Jarvis is one persistent mofo. He was adamant to find out the truth about Larissa kidnapping and to put Chase behind bars. I was so worried for them and wondering how will Larissa and Chase escape the law.

Meanwhile, we also got a healthy dose of romance between Larissa and Chase. Despite everything that happened that should have broke them, they decided to give each other a chance. We get to see how they make a functional couple when they were not driven by adrenaline. Considering the length of the book, I was disappointed that I didn't get an epilogue though.

Rating 4/5