Friday, March 28, 2014

Review: Lovelines ( The Wilmington Saga #1 ) by S. Walden

Lovelines by S. Walden

Arrive at work at 7:58 A.M. sharp. Check. Count forty-seven steps to cubicle. Check. Arrange pens in their red-blue-black-green-purple order of importance. Check. Apply hand sanitizer before opening email. Double check.

And that’s just the first few minutes of her work day.

Thirty-one-year-old proofreader Bailey Mitchell is a slave to her tics. She inherited Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from her father, and it’s done nothing but inhibit her love life. She’s run the gamut of boyfriends—none of them willing or able to cope with her condition.

Enter 32-year-old Reece Powell, her new coworker at Beach Elite Marketing Firm. He’s more than willing to cope. He finds her habits cute and quirky . . . for now. Reece wins her over, and life coasts along for them until Bailey experiences a devastating blow. Tragedy exacerbates her OCD, and Reece realizes her tics aren’t so cute and quirky anymore. Just like all the others, he has the choice to leave.

But Reece isn’t like all the others.




Lovelines is one of those contemporary romance out there that can still give us a refreshing and original storyline with a hero and heroine that truly make you feel as if you are encountering them for the first time. I assure you I'm not just saying this because the heroine had OCD. Despite the cover that reminds me so much of Kristan Higgins book, this one is definitely not a clean romance. The sex was even borderline kinky, which caught me entirely by surprise.

Bailey, 31, had a serious case of OCD. She had 31 failed relationships all due to the fact that her boyfriends can't stand her tics. She count her steps, arrange her pens, walk into office at 7.58am and a perfectionist in everything she do. Those are just some of the examples, she still have a truckload of other tics kept hidden awaiting to emerge. 

She inherited the OCD from her dad, the person she love most. Her mum can't stand her, her sister can be a total bitch. I love her bff, Erica though. She was married with two kids and the family was a riot.

"I want Little Noah looking like a beat-up mess by the time he's eighteen. Cause no woman wants a delicate man. He needs to be sporting at least five scars."

Truer words have never been spoken, Erica!

Reece Powell is a new marketing executive in the firm where Bailey works as a proofreader. She caught his interest when she was bouncing by the hallway in her red cigarette pants. Even after discovering that she had OCD, Reece find it interesting rather than repulsive.

"I'm pretty sure she's OCD. I find it uncomfortably sexy. There's something strangely erotic about it. What the hell is wrong with me?"

Reece is almost perfect with his easy going demeanor, charming, flirty and the most important of all, he loves Bailey for being who she is. He never demand her to change, although Bailey was constantly trying to overcome her unreasonable urges all the time. Yes, he is only almost perfect because I love the fact that the man do had a little flaw in him.

He made me forget that I was tic-bound, schedule-bound, urge-bound. He made me feel like I was breaking free.

I love their casual relationship that blossom from light and fluffy to something more later on. There is just something so genuine about their interaction. Nothing over the top or cliche at all. Reece also had his own story to tell and together with Bailey, they both were searching for the acceptance they never get. 

So I was surprised by the borderline kinky sex scene. I had no idea that sweet and charming Reese had a little fetish. Don't worry, is mild though. But I did felt uncomfortable at some scene wondering why did he came off as demanding. He was exerting total control in the bedroom. But after he talked it out with Bailey, I came to an understanding and it makes me feel everything was perfect. Just plainly love the guy.

Everything was picture perfect until something happen to shake things up. Will Bailey able to cope with the aftermath? And will Reese able to help her overcome it?

"Everyone's pain is different. I don't like when people marginalize their feelings because they think they're not allowed to have them. Someone will always have a tougher go than you. Does that mean you're not allowed to feel hurt? To be sad?"

The supporting characters in this book were very well fleshed out. I love every single one of them. Erica, Noah, the two kids, Christopher and Camden, the father, the mum, the sister and even her neighbor, who I had totally no idea what she was saying all the time. 

Actually there isn't any big drama in this book, but the underlying theme was about dealing with acceptance and loss. The flow of the story was really engaging and I like following through how Bailey and Reese relationship kept moving forward towards their HEA, despite some hiccups on the way. This is a very well written standalone with refreshing storyline, well fleshed out characters and non of those overuse cheesy line or OTT drama.

Rating 4.5/5