Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Last Breath ( Hitman #2 ) by Jessica Clare

Last Breathe by Jessica Clare


I never really knew what misery was until the day I was kidnapped and sold for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two months later, I'm at a brothel in Rio when I meet Daniel Hays. He says he's here to save me, but can I trust him? All I know of him are his sarcastic retorts and his tendency to solve every dispute with his gun. He's also the only safe thing in my world, and I know it's wrong to fall in love with him, but I can't seem to help myself. He says he’ll protect me until his last breath but I don’t know if I should believe him or even if I can. 


For the last eighteen months, I’ve had one goal: to find my kidnapped sister. I’ve left the Army, turned paid hit man, and have befriended criminals all across the globe. In every brothel I raid or every human trafficking truck I stop, her face is the one I’m desperate to see. In Rio, I find Regan Porter, bruised but not broken and still sane despite her weeks in hell. I should leave her behind or send her home because the last thing either of us needs is to get involved. But with every passing minute, I find I can’t let her go.




The sequel for the Hitman by Jessica Clare did not disappoint. We have a kickass hero who was so funny he could moonlight as a comedian and a hellcat heroine who decided that her livelihood depends on how closely she can stick to him. Gear up for some fast pace action where the gang stir up some mayhem at Rio, Brazil. 

The tone of Book 2 Last Breath is very much different from Book 1 Last Hit. The previous hero, Nikolai was all morose, uptight and socially inept. Here we got an all-American hero, Daniel who is flippant, sarcastic, dirty talker, have weird sense of humor, giddy when excited and love making up funny metaphor. Oh yeah, and he loves Die Hard. Who doesn't? 

"Yippee ki-yay, motherfuckers."

Regan, as we all knew got kidnapped when she was mistaken as being Nikolai's girlfriend from Book 1. She was then raped repeatedly and sold into sexual slavery in Rio. Poor, girl. 

Daniel had left the army ever since finding out his sister, Naomi was kidnap in Cancun 18 months ago. He had never stop looking for her ever since. He decided to add finding Regan into his to-do list as a favor to Nick and that brought him to Rio.

Regan had given up hope that anyone would come and save her. So when Daniel turned up to buy her from her pimp, she was paranoid and worried of her demise. Before long she found out that Daniel might be her only chance at surviving from being brought back to the brothel by the elusive Super Pimp behind the scene.

"It's a great little place I like to call Shut the Hell Up and Quit Asking Questions."

It baffled me that Daniel had a serious hard-on upon first meeting Regan at the brothel. I assumed she was badly abused/filthy/overuse from being there for months. But he thought she was the most beautiful thing ever. Okay, Daniel. 

Daniel is one of those funny hero that loves making tons of jokes for me to highlight. He had phobia towards crying woman and come to think of it, Regan loves to weep. Thus, he rather make sarcastic joke to bristle her instead of letting her get all emotional. 

"You offering to play nurse? I love that uniform. I think it's the white shoes."

Despite her affinity towards crying sometimes, I thought Regan was a decent heroine. Not overall kickass or smart, and sometimes never listen to instructions, but she survived being raped repeatedly, so I shall give her some leeway. She loves B-grade horror movie and decided not to let Daniel leave her sight at all times. Over time she grew to trust Daniel and he also manage to help her to heal from her awful experience with men. 

"We can't separate. Every time people separate in a horror movie, the girl always has a horrible death."

Daniel needs to keep Regan safe, hunt down a hacker for Petrovich and find his sister. Basically he had shitloads of things to do and people to kill. He needs to accomplished all that by dragging Regan along with him all over town. Sounds like mission impossible. 

"Fighter, you're the least fucked-up of all the people I know. You're like the normal control in a sample full of crazy."

I love the inclusion of Vasily Petrovich at the second half of the action. He is all surly and stoic and he had his own mission to complete. Adding a chick into the mix is totally not tolerable, but Daniel and Regan were adamant. Oh, hell.

"Every gang needs at least one Russian and one hellcat."

Although I still have a soft spot for Nikolai because I like my hero all stoic and uptight, I find myself enjoying the overall storyline of Last Breathe more. The pacing was much faster, you were basically thrown into the action from the get go. There isn't much down time and Daniel manage to make every shitty situation enjoyable. Adding Vasily into the mix also helped to balance things out. I can't wait to for Vasily and Naomi's story next. Is also great to catch up with Nikolai and Daisy settling down into their domestic life. But come on, Nick. There were so many badass out there waiting for you to kill. I was hoping that together with Nikolai and Daniel, the three will create some mayhem back in Russia in the next installment. 

"You're going to have to kill me first before you can scrape me off.... It sounded a lot less creepy in my head."

Rating 4.5/5