Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: A Reason to Breathe by C. P. Smith

A Reason to Breathe by C P Smith

Love at first sight was never so dangerous.

Jack Gunnison has a problem, well, two actually, one is 5'5" and the other...a Killer.

Jennifer Stewart needs a change after losing her husband and sending her daughter off to college. 

Moving to the high country of Colorado to restart her life and, follow her dreams, Jenn gets more than she bargained for when she attracts the eye of a killer.

Together, Jack and Jenn must figure out his identity, before he strikes again.




When I found out that both the characters were near 40s, I'm looking forward to some mature romance. However, please don't let this fool you. Most of the time, I felt Jennifer acted like a youngster.

Jennifer was a widow with a daughter who was off at college. She decided to move to Colorado to start a new life as a reporter. She was supposed to be writing about local festivities, but she ended up putting her nose into the investigation of the local serial killer who was targeting women with brown hair.

Jack was the local Sheriff. He was domineering, overbearing, and so dedicated to his job that he still haven't settle down for a family. One look at Jenn and he knew she was trouble with a T. He tried to drive her away from his investigation, but of course our quirky, strong and confident heroine never listen to a word of his.

I strained my eyes from all the rolling I had been subjected to while reading this. The things that Jenn did most of the time make me want to strangle her. How can she be so impulsive and reckless for a 39 years old mum? It simply didn't make any sense. And why did every male in the county have the hots for her? 

Jack was Mr. Uber-Alpha-Bossy-Pants. I can't denied he want simply delectable. He was a masochist for wanting Jenn. Is a wonder he had not suffer from aneurysm, yet.

I'm sorry to make the comparison, but the characters in this book felt familiar to Kristen Ashley's books, which I'm not really into. Well, except The Golden Dynasty, of course. If you are a fan of Kristen Ashley's works, I believe this book will be great.

The 3 stars was for the intriguing killer's POV, Jack's hotness and the great sex.

Rating 3/5