Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review: The Chocolate Thief ( Amour et Chocolat #1 ) by Laura Florand

The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand

The Parisian sorcerer of artisan chocolate, handsome Frenchman Sylvain Marquis, and the American empress of chocolate bars, Cade Corey, play a decadent game of seduction and subterfuge that causes them both to melt with desire.




I feels like I'm in heaven while reading this book. The detailed description of chocolate making had me drooling over and those French words had me in constant dreamy sigh. Although most of the time I don't know heck about the meaning, they just sounds so sexy. I do tried to get some translated whenever I had access to the wifi.

"Je t'aime".

Our heroine Cade Corey had a rather masculine name that initially I misunderstood as the hero of the book. She is the heiress of the Corey Bars (think something as popular as Mars on the supermarket's shelves) and she had a dream of venturing into premium chocolate line with the help from a certain Parisian chocolatier.  She had been anticipating this collaboration and excited to meet her dream man chocolatier. However, things turn to shit during their first meeting. Her idol turned into a -

"Bastard. Self-absorbed, arrogant jerk."

Sylvain Marquis, Paris most famous chocolatier was enraged when he found out about Cade's proposal to buy his name and learn about his secrets to chocolate. He had been invested his whole life into perfecting his art of chocolate making and he will not sell his soul to this American evil capitalist.

"You want to put my name on your product? Sylvain Marquis? On Corey Bars?"

They didn't got off on the right footing and both were enrage with each other. So Cade resort to spying, corporate espionage and etc. This woman was totally obsessed with Sylvain's chocolate and will do anything to learn his secrets. Though we didn't get to see them in flesh, but Cade's grandpa was freaking hilarious for an 80 year old and Cade's dad was such a stereotypical of an American's CEO.

Meanwhile, Sylvain was feeling pretty smug and elated that a woman was so obsess with him his chocolate. Strong career woman had always been his type and he had been crashed and burnt for too many times, yet he never learn his lesson. He wanted to use his chocolate to seduce his way to Cade.

Although this can be consider as a chick lit, there is some sexiness and some R rated scene that often not found in other chick lit book that I used to read. However, much more page count was actually dedicated to some detailed description of chocolate making and Paris' in general. Oh, how I wish I am in Paris at this time of the year, but I compensate it with eating hell lot of chocolate while reading this.

Rating 3.5/5