Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: One Foot in the Grave ( Night Huntress #2 ) by Jeaniene Frost

One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

You can run from the grave, but you can’t hide…

Half-vampire Cat Crawfield is now Special Agent Cat Crawfield, working for the government to rid the world of the rogue undead. She’s still using everything Bones, her sexy and dangerous ex, taught her, but when Cat is targeted for assassination, the only man who can help her is the vampire she left behind.

Being around Bones awakens all her emotions, from the adrenaline rush of slaying vamps side by side to the reckless passion that consumed them. But a price on her head—wanted: dead or half-alive—means her survival depends on teaming up with Bones. And no matter how hard Cat tries to keep things professional between them, she’ll find that desire lasts forever…and Bones won’t let her get away again. 


Urban Fantasy


What a great follow up to Halfway to the Grave. I thought this was even better than its predecessor. One Foot in the Grave pick up four years later, after Cat left Bones with a Dear John note and joined the secret-government-paranormal-operation-team lead by Don with a brand new identity to boot. All in the name of 'for his own good'. Well, things gonna dicey when Bones finally showed up again. 

Cat is all matured and badass now that she had a own team of operatives as her underlings. We have Tate, Juan, Cooper and Dave. I kinda like all of them, except Tate. This guy was holding out a torch for Cat and I wanted to pummel him for giving Bones so much shit. 

Ahh, Bones. I thought I love him in Book 1, but he was even more awesome here. He seriously had it bad for Cat and willing to do anything, and I mean absolutely anything just to be with her. The way he strode back into Cat's life and his determination to fit himself into her job was absolutely swoon worthy, especially when everyone around her was giving him a hard time. 

"I knew without a doubt I'd fallen in love when we met. Then I knew I'd do anything to make you feel the same way."

There were some reappearances of old flames of Bones to spice things up. Instead of turning it angsty, it just got hilarious with Cat's jealousy and possessiveness towards Bones. That cat-fight scene was absolutely the highlight of the book.

"I think we need to have a little talk, woman to skank."

Usually I find urban fantasy series lack of great sex scene, ie. Mercy Thompson and Kate Daniels. Halfway to the Grave had a few implied sex that was fade to black, but actually scene itself was only one or twice, much to my disappointment. This time around, we were treated to this scorching hot scene at around 70%ish that had me panting, screeching and Kindle lighting up on fire! Holy cow! I wonder how Jeaniene Frost gonna top that in the subsequent books.

"Don't be ashamed of anything we did, even if your prudery is on life support."

"He's bitten me and done things in bed with me that are illegal in a few states at least!"

Ian who is Bones's sire made his appearance and after an encounter with Cat, he is determine to have this powerful half breed as his minion. Meanwhile, someone had been putting out a hit on Cat and is all up to Bones to keep her safe. 

As opposed to having Cat acting as Bones's underling, this time is all about Bones trying to keep her safe from her own job. Actually I'm skeptical towards the direction of being government operatives because I rather read about Bones and Cat's shenanigans as bounty hunter. 

Cat had slowly grown and get accustomed to her uniqueness and choosing her own destiny. I'm looking forward to see how Cat and Bones work together as an equal partner and how Jeaniene gonna keep my favorite couple continue to be interesting to read, considering they kind of had their HEA. 

Bones the ever romantic,

"I'd bend him in half the wrong way and deliver him to you in a box."

Rating 5/5