Thursday, November 28, 2013

Review: Destined for an Early Grave ( Night Huntress #4 ) by Jeaniene Frost

Destined for an Early Grave

Her deadly dreams leave her in grave danger

Since half-vampire Cat Crawfield and her undead lover Bones met six years ago, they've fought against the rogue undead, battled a vengeful Master vampire, and pledged their devotion with a blood bond. Now it's time for a vacation. But their hopes for a perfect Paris holiday are dashed when Cat awakes one night in terror. She's having visions of a vampire named Gregor who's more powerful than Bones and has ties to her past that even Cat herself didn't know about.

Gregor believes Cat is his and he won't stop until he has her. As the battle begins between the vamp who haunts her nightmares and the one who holds her heart, only Cat can break Gregor's hold over her. She'll need all the power she can summon in order to bring down the baddest bloodsucker she's ever faced . . . even if getting that power will result in an early grave.


Urban Fantasy


Destined for an Early Grave was where I stopped the series when Jeaniene Frost ventured into the spin off with Night Huntress World. I remembered the first time I read this years ago, all I felt was those angst, foreboding, holding my breath for what comes next and clinging to a sliver of hope that thing doesn't turn to shit for my favorite couple. Thank goodness that during this reread I can enjoyed the entire ride knowing the positive outcome.

Now that we have reached Book 4 with Cat and Bones were married, this was the time where I started to worry that the series become stale and they might shift the focus away from the romance. But fear not, Jeaniene Frost prove that Cat and Bones relationship was still the meat of the series and this time she manage to rake up some angst for us.

There was a Master Vampire named Gregor who was a DreamSnatcher that claimed Cat was his rightful wife. He was intend to have Cat back at his side and remind her of their time together before she met Bones. Huh? What's up with this? Cat was as puzzled as everyone with this appearance of her mysterious husband.

Gregor was a true SOB who can have the power to snatch Cat away through her dreams as long as she gave in to him. Bones was going berserk with this situation and getting extremely protective of Cat. As usual, Cat felt like she was suffocating with Bones's possessiveness and putting her at the side line. Cue verbal sparring, physical fight and the resulting cold war.

I guess this what was expected from a married couple. I like their verbal barbs, but the non-talking was worst. Call me biased, but I'm on Bones side and I felt that Cat was simply too impulsive for her own good. Can't she just rationalize and think more clearly before running off half cooked most of the time.

The most memorable scene was when Bones playing on the piano reenacting the calm before the storm. He was scary and hot as hell.

There was a lot of jealousy, insecurities, second guessing and heart wrenching moments going on. Anyway, even though they spent more than half the book at odds with each other, we can't deny their love and willingness to do anything for each other.

“I hope it's the worst fuck you've ever had, you ruthless, manipulating bastard."
"Pillow talk already?"

Vlad, Mencheres and Spade were such great supporting characters with Vlad getting more page time with his new friendship with Cat. When Cat had no one to go to, he provided her a helping hand. I like both their interaction very much as opposed to Tate. Remember that guy from Homeland Security that was pining on Cat? The good news was Tate only came out during one scene. Yeah, you can disappear for all I care. Spade was the most loyal buddy Bones can ever have. When thing turns ugly, Spade was the person Bones can always count on.

The funniest line this time goes to Mencheres,

“That bodes ill.”
“Hey, Walks Like An Egyptian, how about for once you drop the formal stuff and talk like you live in the twenty-first century?”
"The shit’s gonna splatter, start buggin’, yo.”

Cat was experience some changes within herself and she might just becoming weirder or stronger depends on how you see it. I was hoping that in the next book we can stop having someone trying to get her for once.

The final battle scene between Bones and Gregor was totally a heart pounding moment. Though that it didn't end with a cliffhanger, I found the ending was too abrupt. When I saw the Acknowledgement page, I was thinking 'Huh?! That's all?!'. This series seems to get more intense as the series progress, but I do miss the lightheartedness of prior books. I guess is the right move that Jeaniene ventured into Spade's spin off to give Cat and Bones so much needed down time.

Rating 5/5