Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: Crossing the Line ( Battered Hearts #3 ) by Kele Moon

Crossing the Line by Kele Moon

Wyatt Conner is a hard man. A sixth generation sheriff in his hometown of Garnet. A former MMA fighter. His life is about following the rules and making sure everyone else in Garnet follows them too.

Before life hurt him, Wyatt was different. Love had once blinded him to his upbringing and made him defiant against anyone who tried to separate him from the girl he loved. He easily broke laws to ensure her safety.

When she left it destroyed him.

Now she's back.

Tabitha knew coming home was a mistake, but family obligation demanded it. She wasn’t expecting to run smack into the love of her life the same day she returned.
Despite the danger, Tabitha is powerless against the wild rush of desire that explodes between them the moment she finds herself in Wyatt’s arms again. She needs a second chance too, but she can't risk Wyatt finally discovering the real reason she left.

Even for another taste of true love.

Tabitha knows her haunted past will destroy both of them if Wyatt finds out. What she suffered through was too terrible and it's the one thing that will have him crossing the line for revenge.




I'm a big fan of this series since book 1 Defying the Odds and subsequently book 2 Star Crossed. Each of the book came with a heart felt love story, a noble hero to die for and greatest sex scene written ever. I like the fact that Kele Moon make each of her characters featured prominently in each other stories. Unlike some books where previous couple will only appear as cameo and you can read each of them as standalone, here they actually play an important role in each other lives. So is highly advice to start from Book 1, where we were introduced to Clay, Wyatt and Jules, the three best friends in Garnet town.

We had been anticipating Wyatt, the town's Sheriff's story since I learned about his broken heart and inability to move on after the love of this life, Tabitha left him decade ago. Tabitha was painted as the cruel bitch who left him, so is time for us to get the other part of the story. I'm anticipating whole lots of angst when she turn up again in town and Wyatt rushing over to meet for her for first time in thirteen freaking years.

Between pain and regret, the sweetness still lingers, and in that ray of light I cry out to you - Why.

It surprises me that Kele Moon actually spent the first half of the book dedicated to telling a cute little tale of young love between little Wyatt and Tabitha. An eight year old Wyatt is to die for, especially his persistence in going after Tabitha, the redhead girl he had a crush on since kindergarten. He just never gave up no matter what. Wyatt is the Sheriff's son, while Tabitha is from a poor family with an alcoholic mother and abusive brother. Their lives is a world apart, yet something about the redhead drew him to her. The things Wyatt did to get her attention is freaking hilarious. He is a total show off for an eight year old.

"So what'd you do for summer?"
"That's cool!"

Then there was also Jules, Wyatt's twin sister and Little Miss Perfect. She's the girl that excel at everything and had the prettiness to boot. Their siblings rivalry started since the moment they were born, yet they have an intense love and connection with each other. Little Jules also provided much laugh out loud moments.

We also learn from the beginning how Clay formed the current tight friendship with Wyatt and Jules. Clay is initially Tabitha's only friend due to their similar circumstances, with him having a drug addict of a mother. They both keep to themselves and were the school's outcast. Only that Wyatt keep barging into their lives and tried to interrupt the norm. After a fight that broke out between them, Wyatt insist that they will become best friends. Well, we knew how grouchy Clay is, but Wyatt never fail to get what he wants.

"I hate you."
"Naw, we're best buddies. Now are you gonna tell Tabitha something good 'bout me or what?"

The love story between Wyatt and Tabitha was absolutely beautiful, the way he tried to date her for years and she finally gave in to his charm. Right when their lives should turn better for the future, something awful happened and Tabitha had no choice but to leave Wyatt and Garnet town. Although I understand the decision she had to make, but leaving for thirteen freaking years was kind of extreme.

Now that Tabitha is finally back and Wyatt swore that he will never let her go again, both of them had a lot to get through. The secret is still hanging in the air surrounding and suffocating them as long as Tabitha still refuse to talk about it. In between Romeo's and Jules' pregnancy crisis and Tabitha's dark secret creeping out, we had quite an intense climax. The three Italian brothers were as tight as usual, with Tino's cuteness and Nova's awesomeness. Nova played quite an important role towards the ending and honestly, I can't freaking wait to get to Book 6 for his story.

Rating 5/5