Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review: Armed and Dangerous ( The IMA #2 ) by Nenia Campbell

Armed and Dangerous by Nenia Campbell

It's hard to adjust to the trials and tribulations of college when you've been the focal point in a web of intrigue and murder. Christina Parker, now a student at a small liberal arts college in central Arizona, is still trying to forget the man who took her through hell and back one year ago.

She was doing just fine, too, until said man appeared again, out of the blue. On the doorstep of her new apartment. Unconscious.

Suddenly, the brittle semblance of normality that Christina managed to construct after all this time is shattered. With a wounded man to contend with and the prominent threat of the ruthless IMA, Christina is forced to face all her old fears head-on.

...But this time, she'll be doing it on her own terms.




A great continuation for the series I grow to love. Another follow up that is full of suspense, humorous banter, heart felt moments and satisfying ending. 

After the event that unfold at the end of Cloak and Dagger, Christina and Michael have both went on their own merry way. Christina is now heading to college in Arizona, somewhere as remotely as she can find to hide herself away from any imminent danger. She tried to lead a normal student life, but she's a change person after her ordeal with the IMA.

If one more person told me how lucky I was to be alive and unharmed, how lucky I was to be safe, I thought I might punch them.

Her hopeless parent aren't much help either. Once again, her mum sprout some twisted wisdom that kind of make sense sometimes. I guess I will miss her presence.

"In today's economy, people do not want to buy fashion. They want to buy sob stories that will make them feel better about their own miserable lives."

Meanwhile, Michael had been engaging with a cat and mouse game with the sadistic Adrian Callaghan. Poor Michael. He had all my sympathy this time around. The miserable life that he is leading currently is kind of pathetic. He reminds me so much of Michael Westen in Burn Notice. The guy who got cornered by the pseudo-government agency, but was not killed due to his valuable skill set. Michael Westen got threaten with his family safety. Michael Boutilier got threaten with Christina safety. Yeah, it sucks when you got attached to something. 

It took a pretty long time for Christina and Michael to finally be reunited. But I was not bored with the things that took place prior to that moment. I was mostly anxious and keep wondering how will they end up together again. 

I had a fucking standing ovation going on in my goddamn pants, and it was demanding an encore. But the leading lady, she was nowhere in sight.

When they finally did, things was not lovey dovey as I hope. There is definitely not lost love there. Christina hated his guts, wondering why is he showing up to ruin her life again. On Michael's part, he hates the fact that she hates him. Despite the animosity, they both agree to stick together and make things work against the IMA and BN (another rival group to IMA). 

Adrian has been taking a backseat here and killing Michael is not in his immediate plan. He just live to make his life miserable. Right now, Michael had a threat from another source instead. Who is this weasel that sold him out and left him to the wolves?

Christina had changed so much from the naive girl from Book 1. Now her world is no longer black and white as she would prefer. She had to wrestle with her conscience to survive. I wonder how she would turn out at the end. Will her beautiful soul still remain intact? And what about her feelings for Michael. She hates him. But yet she don't. Is freaking complicated. She just can't seem to trust him 100%. There were many times that I literally wanted to shout at her 'just give in to the poor guy already'!

"Sometimes they realize the grass really is greener on the other side."
"Is that what happened to you?"
"Me, I found out both sides were nothing but shit - "

Michael POV never fail to entertain me. His view of life is always jaded and cynical. He hates the world at large. I don't blame him for the shit he had went through. Is a wonder he isn't dead yet for the countless time he was hunted and sold out over and over again.

Forcing an old house to service the grade of technology we use is a bit like hiring a seventy-year-old hooker for trying out new sex positions.

Michael appear wild and volatile or at times like a kid on sugar high. No wonder Christina is afraid of him. His only motivation now is to keep her alive. Woah! He is pining for her real bad. Only to find that, if looks could kill, she had kill him many times over. Well, he did try to charm his way back to her good grace, but when you are trained professionally to lie, is hard to make people believe in you. 

"I can keep you safe. You won't come to any harm under my protection."
"You and safe don't belong in the same sentence."

As opposed to the confrontational scene that took place in Book 1, this time they took a more passive stance and mostly on the run. The turn of event that happen near the end kind of threw me off balance. Wow! I can't wait to see what can Christina do, and will she be as badass as Michael? The ending itself finally sweetened the pot for me, all I can say is 'its about damn time'! 

"You made my life complicated as fuck, and I could care less."

Rating 5/5