Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review: Seduced in the Dark ( The Dark Duet #2 ) by C. J. Roberts

Seduced in the Dark by CJ Roberts

The exciting, titillating, and action-filled conclusion to Captive in the Dark.

What is the price of redemption?

Rescued from sexual slavery by a mysterious Pakistani officer, Caleb carries the weight of a debt that must be paid in blood.

The road has been long and fraught with uncertainty, but for Caleb and Livvie, it’s all coming to an end.

Can he surrender the woman he loves for the sake of vengeance?

Or will he make the ultimate sacrifice?

It seemed to Caleb, the nature of human beings revolved around one empirical truth: we want what we cannot have. For Eve, it was the fruit of the forbidden tree. For Caleb, it was Livvie.




The sequel for The Dark Duet can be describe as total mind blowing, darkly disturbing, highly erotic, but not for the faints of heart. Everything that we felt in Captive in the Dark was kicked up a few notch in Seduced in the Dark. If you think you hate Caleb in Book 1, things were getting worse in Book 2. But I guess, for those who continue with the series, we had a soft spot for that damaged man. Things were blowing out of proportion and  shits were hitting the fans so to speak. All the questions lingering in our thoughts have been answered and the grand scheme of things that happening was coming out of light. Will Olivia and Caleb survive this or will they need to make the ultimate sacrifice?

The way the story been told was brilliantly crafted. There were three POVs from Olivia, Caleb and the newly introduced Agent Reed, along with three different timelines, Caleb's past with Rafiq, Olivia times with Caleb at Mexico and Olivia at States with Agent Reed. CJ Roberts threw us on a wild and crazy ride that makes you feeling puzzled and question your sanity.

As opposed to Book 1 where there wasn't much plot development, Book 2 was full of surprises as every turn. We were brought to experience first hand on the dark side of the sex trade, what the great and powerful men were capable of doing to satisfy their sickly sexual thirst. Those scene make me cringe and at the same time it boggled my mind. Caleb himself was also showing us his darker side and the things that he was capable of doing. He was torn between remaining loyal to Rafiq and wanting the forbidden fruit, Olivia. Theoretically, hating the man should be the righteous thing to do, but I don't. I can't express it in words of why I had such a soft spot for Caleb. All I ever wanted was for him to be alright and be free of his current predicament.

Olivia had gone through so much, yet she had never stop surviving. She manage to seek for the light amidst the darkness that surrounds her. She look for the man in Caleb behind the monster that he often wanted to be. She was the anchor that often stay true and shown him the light. She was struggling with her conscience for falling for her own captor. But ultimately all she want was for them to leave together, but will he able to forgo his loyalty and revenge?

The whole book was an extremely dark and disturbing read, but once in awhile I was surprise they can find humor within their doomed situation.
"Breakfast on the balcony?" I asked with more enthusiasm than necessary.
He smiled "What do you think this is, a vacation?"

The last quarter of the book when all the pieces of puzzle finally fall in to place, I practically can't tear my eyes off. The epic smack down was incredible and the epilogue was beautiful. It was a brilliant conclusion for Caleb and Olivia, yet we can see that there was more to go for Agent Reed. Thanks to CJ Roberts for giving us this unconventional love story that might conform to the norm, but it was achingly beautiful and it is a story I won't be forgetting in a long while. I don't see the read for a Book 3 because everything had been tied up nicely, but I'm sure gonna enjoy more of Caleb and Olivia.

"Live for me, Kitten. Be all those things you'd never be with me. Go to school. Meet a normal boy and fall in love. Forget me. It's time for you to go, Kitten. Time for us both, to go."

Rating 5/5