Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life As We Know It (2010)

Life As We Know It (2010)
Starring : Josh Duhamel, Katherine Heigl


Holly (Katherine Heigl) met Messer (Josh Duhamel) through their best friends, Peter and Allison. I find it funny that he was named Messer and no one seems to call him by his first name, Eric. They was set up for a date by their best friend, but they didn't even make it to the restaurant. All they did was bicker and pissed each other off. He arranged a booty call for the night right in front of Holly. Such an asshole. When Peter and Allison got married, they are their respective best man and maid of honor. When they give birth to their first child, Holly and Messer are the godparents. And when Peter and Allison got killed in an accident, they found themselves obliged to take of their one year old daughter, Sophie.

Holly found herself losing her best friend and she decided to take up the role as Sophie's guardian together with Messer. They move into Peter and Allison's house and tried to cooperate in order to please the social services. Messer is beyond frustrated to find himself in this shitty situations.

The friendly neighborhood that they had is hilarious. Imagine Desperate Housewives with all the casseroles and gossiping. Holly and Messer found themselves to be the reluctant parents and tried to learn the ropes to provide the best for little Sophie. They did a lot of mistakes that might make an average parents roll their eyes. For example, Messer leaving little Sophie to a cab driver. But I can sympathize with him. His life had practically turned up side down.

Meanwhile, Holly strikes up a date with her dream guy, Dr. Sam (Josh Lucas), who visited her bakery shop occasionally. Sam turned out to be Sophie's pediatric, what a coincidence. Their romantic evening was cut short when Messer called to inform that Sophie is having a fever and ended up in the ER. The ER bill turned out to be 1,500!! I had no freaking idea that US healthcare is that freaking expensive.

I had no idea how did Holly ended up with Messer, although I totally prefer him rather than Mr. Nice Doctor. Did I mentioned that Josh Lucas looks old and not remotely hot in here? Holly and Messer discussed about their financial problem when Holly brought up the ER bill. She mentioned about having to put on hold her plan to open a new restaurant and Messer offer to loan her his savings. She then decided to treat him to a dinner date. They just somehow ended up together that night.

The conflict happens when Messer received a job offer as the director for the sports broadcasting at Phoenix. Holly found out about it and they had a huge blow up. Although Messer was conflicted about his decision, in the end he decided to accept the job. Months passed, Holly and Messer divided the responsibility to taking care of Sophie like a pair of divorced parents.

During the Thanksgiving dinner where Holly invited Messer over, he found out that Holly intended to sell off the house due to the expensive up keeping. They had another huge blow up that leads to Messer confessed that he did love her. Messer then left the party after kissing Sophie. Sam, who is dating Holly at that time decided to call off their relationship.

The next day, the social service came for an interview with Holly, but half way through Holly decided to head to the airport to stop Messer from living. Upon reaching the airport, the flight to Phoenix had already left. When Holly is back home with Sophie, she found Messer at the living room. Messer decided to stay afterall. This is the classic example of a man doesn't need to be all rich and successful to get the girl. Messer is full of flaws and he is not remotely rich or successful, but Holly choose him instead. Ending scene showed Holly and Messer celebrating Sophie's 2nd birthday together with their neighbors.