Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Jerry Maguire
Director : Cameron Crowe
Stars : Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a big shot sports agent for 73 athletes was at the peak of his career, when one day he realize that he hated his job. He spent every waking hour attending to endless calls and had to force his injured athletes to play despite doctor's order. When one of the injured athlete's son flip him the finger for putting his father in the field over and over again, Jerry had a mental meltdown.

Jerry ended up writing a long memo of how his company is no longer being compassion and cares about their clients. He wants to emphasize on his new motto 'less client, more time'. After the lack of judgement that makes him photocopied the memo and distributed to every employee in the company, he was greeted with respect for being so gutso. However, the management ends up firing him after a few days.

From 73 clients, Jerry is now down to only one, Rod Tidwell, a not so famous football player, after some serious case of begging and grovelling from Jerry's part. Meanwhile, non of his assistants or colleagues want to leave the company with him except for an account clerk, Dorothy (Renee Zellweger), who is a single mother that very much admires Jerry.

I just needs to say that Dorothy's son, Ray (the kid who star in Stuart Little) is too cute. Ray had an instant connection with Jerry, much to Dorothy's pleasure. After spending the night together, Jerry woke up to hearing Dorothy declaring her love for him to her elder sister, Jerry is in a dilemma. Due to Dorothy's loyalty to him, he felt the needs to reciprocate her feelings. When Dorothy decided to accept a job at a different state, he proposed to her in order to make her stay and share his medical insurance. They both have a quick wedding, but before long, Dorothy feels that Jerry is not in love with her and decided to get a divorce.  

Rod is an uninspiring athlete that only wants to be rich and famous, and he demands Jerry to 'show me the money!' Overtime, Rod and Jerry develops a strong personal and business relationships when they learn to trust and help each other to succeed in their career. During one of Rod's usual complaints about how his life isn't fair, Jerry told him to stop thinking about achieving fame and focus on playing good football. The ending scene with Rod finally put the game before himself and helps his team win, and follow by his expression of gratitude towards his friend, Jerry, it was really heartwarming to watch. After being swell by emotion with Rod, Jerry realize his love for Dorothy and ran back home in search for her. His final words to her is 'you complete me'.    

E-value : 3/5
Plot : 4/5