Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

Fast & Furious 6
Director : Justin Lin
Stars : Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson

Opening scene with Brian (Paul Walker) and Dom (Vin Diesel) racing by the cliff side towards the hospital where Mia is giving birth. Brian and Mia definitely came a long way from the first movie, where he dated Dom's little sister while undercovering and now they are building a family together, albeit Brian being a felony and all. Did I mentioned that Paul Walker looks hotter as he aged? Han (the Asian cool guy) is also having the time of his life with Gisele at Hong Kong. Everything seems like roses and flowers for this both happy couple. But.. but ... but... Dom is not happy even with his hot blonde chick. So we needs to stir things up.

Hobbs (aka the Rock, aka the Hulk) can't wait to show up and rock their lives again. He needs Dom and his team help to bring down the Shaw brothers, who is targeting to hijack military assets. As if worry Dom might not help his sorry ass, Hobbs brings along an incentive to tempt him, a photo of Letty. This is one of those WTF moment, if we didn't already saw this coming in from the trailer. Apparently, our dear Letty is still alive. If you don't know who Letty is, please watch back all the previous installment. Letty suffered memory loss and is now working on the enemy camp. By the way, is Mia for real? She just gave birth to their first child and when Brian needs to put himself in danger to help Dom recover the supposing dead girlfriend, she asked him to go, just like that.

This franchise had came a long way from illegal street racing, to hijacking, to drug dealers and now we bring in the big guns, military complete with a tanker that flew out of a truck. Is a bizarre as A team. The scene with Dom jump from his car across the freeway to catch Letty is one jaw dropping moment. My jaw practically hit the cinema carpet. WTF! I wonder what are they coming up in Fast 7. Cars flying to the outer space?


Am I the only one who was sad for the fact that Gisele died? She sacrifice herself to save Han, which I think is totally heroic and maintained her kickass persona. But later on, we knew that Han died in Tokyo Drift, which in case you forgotten, the director added the dying scene to refresh your mind. This is so depressing. 


E-value 5/5
Plot 4/5