Thursday, May 30, 2013

Iron Man 3 (2013)

Iron Man 3
The third and so-called Robert Downey Jr.'s last Iron Man movie, cue sad and depressing song. Tony Stark is recovering from his PTSD after the event during the Avenger storyline. He's suffering from insomnia and acted all jittery as usual. Meanwhile, he is also developing more kickass Iron Man suits, up to Mark 42, mind you, including injecting himself with some sort of homing device for the suit locate him.

The Mandarin villain plot provide such a good twist to us that I was wondering its authenticity compare to the comics storyline. Nevertheless, I have to say Guy Pearce being this indestructible inferno man do look menacing and gave Tony a run for his money.

When comes to heroin in Superhero movie, they often act as damsel in distress waiting for our dear hero to come sweep her off her feet and save the day. Pepper had indeed been swept off her feet literally in the previous two installment, but this time around she is totally kicking ass. Near the climatic fighting scene I was like, "Holy shit! Did I just see Pepper did that?"

Iron Man 3 did end itself in a high note. Here we have the most awesome fighting scene among all three installments. Tony Stark had surpassed himself again with his new legion of suits. Talk about remote access at its highest level. And don't forget, our ever favorite Jarvis. Love their bromance vibe since the first movie.


Is this really my third and final Iron Man movie? Just thinking about it makes me so depress. I still remember the first Iron Man in 2008 makes me fall in love for the first time with a Superhero ( I usually hate watching Superhero movies) and of course Robert Downey Jr. himself. I'm going to buy the DVD in Bluray, of course and have an Iron Man rerun annually. I already miss you, Tony.

P/S: I watched this in IMAX 3D. Awesome!