Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oblivion ( 2013 )

Jack (Tom Cruise) and Victoria, his co-worker cum lover are the only two human left on earth in 2077. They are responsible to oversee and repair the drones that patrol the earth and protect it against the 'scavenger'. Jack believes that the scavengers are the alien who invaded the earth and human had no choice but to leave the planet. Victoria and Jack was entrusted with the responsibility by Titan to remain to make sure all drones are up and running at all time. They believes that their mission will be completed soon and they can leave earth and reunite with their team at Titan. Victoria appeared cold and compose, while Jack still tried to hold on to his humanity. He had a cabin by the lake where he kept old mementos such as vinyl records, baseball and etc. He often dream about a mysterious woman who he meet at the Empire State Building.

One day, Jack witness a spaceship crash down on earth and when he saw one of the survivor appeared to be the mysterious woman from his dream, he decided to save her from being killed by the drones. Victoria was not thrilled to find Jack breaking the protocol and bring in a survivor to their tower.


When Julia asked Jack to bring her back to the crash site to retrieve her ship's recorder, they were both ambushed and caught. It appears that the scavengers are a group of human survivors lead by Beech. They wanted Jack's help to program a drone to attack Titan. Beech explained to Jack about Titan true identity and his group mission to save the humanity on earth. Jack was released and together with Julia, they went to the remains of Empire State Building, where Julia told him that she was his wife back in 2017 before she went on delta sleep on the Odyssey for 60 years. Jack finally remembers and husband and wife were reunited.

Jack and Julia at the Empire State Building
When Jack went back to his tower, Victoria got hostile after finding out about he and Julia's relationship. Victoria ended up dead after a drone attack her in the tower. Fleeing the tower with Julia and then end up being in the radiation zone, a place where Jack is not suppose to be in, they were caught surprise by coming face to face with another Jack. At this time, we learned that there is another Jack's clone doing the same job of repairing drones as he.

Julia overseeing at the control tower
It was revealed that Jack and Victoria were also part of the team on Odyssey, but they were in-charge of the navigation, thus were not under delta sleep like the rest. Their mission to attack Titan failed, when their ship lost control to the Titan. Jack released Julia and the other teammates away, while he and Victoria was captured by the Titan. They were both later being cloned and brainwashed to work for Titan.

Jack finally believes Beech that Titan is the alien who invaded the earth and wipe out the human instead of the scavenger.. He agrees to work with Beech and his group to program a drone to attack the Titan. However, their hideout was attack by other drones arrival and their plan was thwarted. To continue with the mission, Jack and Julia decided to sacrifice themselves to bring the explosive up to Titan.

Jack meeting Beech (Morgan Freeman) for the first time
We got another twist when the one who appears up at the Titan is reveal to be Beech and Jack, instead of Julia. At the Titan, Jack came across hundreds of his own clone together with Victoria. Jack was also part of the clone from the original Jack. Both men successfully bring down the Titan by sacrificing themselves when the explosive goes off. Julia wakes to find herself transported to the Jack's cabin by the lake.

The ending show after few years, Julia was living with her daughter at the cabin and one day together with the remaining of the survivors, one of Jack's clone finally found her.


Prior to watching this show, I didn't even watch the thriller. Thus, I went in with an open mind and no idea what is this about beside of it being the story set in the future. The movie started slow with only two characters, Jack and Victoria. Half way through, Julia appeared. But about half the movie involved this three characters only and I'm starting to get a bit bored out. But then when Beech (Morgan Freeman) made his appearance, it was a 360 degree changes and we got plummet into the action and a couple of twist and turn. I love watching movie with several twist that totally caught me off guard. When I thought I got it figure out, I was being surprised again.