Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friends with Benefits (2011)


Jamie (Mila Kunis) is a corporate head hunter and she is trying to recruit Dylan (Justin Timberlake), from LA to work for GQ at New York. After Dylan's initial interview with GQ, Jamie brought him to tour around New York City during the night and tried to convince him to make the move. In the midst of a flash mob at Times Square, Dylan was sold. He will take up the job at GQ.

They both formed a friendship in a short time and Dylan often went over to Jamie's apartment to hang around for movies. One night while they are watching a cliche black and white romance movie, Dylan claimed that sex should be like tennis, played without getting emotionally involve. He proposed to have sex together without getting attach. Jamie finally agree and they both make their oath against the e-Bible on iPad. Thus, began their 'Friends with Benefits' relationship.

Later, Jamie realize their relationship is getting unhealthy and wanted to start dating again. She met Parker, a doctor while walking at the Central Park with Dylan. Unfortunately, the morning after they slept together, Parker fled saying he can't commit to her. Jamie was furious at this point. The 4th of July is around the corner and without having a date, Jamie is invited by Dylan to his home at LA.

Jamie reaction to Dylan's home at LA was Wow! A house by the beach and sea. She exclaimed that Dylan is foolish to give this up to move to New York. Here she met Dylan's family, who comprised of his sister, Annie, his aspiring magician nephew, Sam and his father, who is suffering from dementia.

Dylan appeared to be very close to his sister, Annie and a little embarrassed by his father's condition in the public. That night after dinner, Dylan went into Jamie's room and they had some heart felt conversation. They ended up engage in a much intimate love making. The next day, when Annie confronted with him regarding his relationship with Jamie, he started to feel conflicted. He ended up getting defensive and snapped that he doesn't like her that way. Jamie who happens to overhear the conversation decided to fly back to New York earlier than plan.


After hearing his father's memories of his previous lover and how much he miss her, Dylan tried to win back Jamie by doing some cliche grovelling moves at the train station together with a group of flash mob. He went down on one knee and propose to Jamie to accept him back as her best friend. Dylan confessed that he is totally in love with his best friend. 


This is the second Justin Timberlake's movie that I watched after In Time (2011). Is a light hearted romantic comedy to watch on Saturday afternoon. A story about two friends who engaged in casual sex and later develop into something more. I was wondering what's the name of the awfully cliche movie that they were watching back in Jamie's apartment. Many of the scene from the TV make me laugh and roll my eyes at the same time. The scene when Dylan was having a hard time peeing because he was having a hard on was the most memorable moment in the movie. Couple with the nudity scene by Justin, that was bonus. He did have a nice ass after all.

Plot 3/5
E value 4/5
Rating 3/5