Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fatal Consequences ( Fatal #3 ) by Marie Force

Fatal Consequences by Marie Force

The murder of two members of the Capitol Cleaning Service might’ve been just another homicide investigation—that is if one of them hadn’t been romantically involved with a married senator from Arizona. Lt. Sam Holland and her team are plunged into another complex case that at first seems open and shut. But as Sam tugs on the threads of the investigation she uncovers a deep, dark Washington secret that threatens the careers of some of the government’s highest-ranking officials. Racing to catch a killer before he can strike again, Sam and her fiancĂ©, U.S. Senator Nick Cappuano, attempt to plan a wedding while her colleague Detective Tommy “Gonzo” Gonzales faces life-changing news.


Romantic Suspense


This is the 3rd book in the Fatal series. Nick and Sam are finally engaged. They are such a cute couple and although in this book they have less drama, is still interesting to read about their relationship development and catching up with Freddie and Gonzo and the rest of the DC cops. Is like catching up with old friends.

Two cleaning ladies of the Capitol was found dead and Sam is once again embroiled into an investigation of a political scandal. From the excerpt in the beginning of the book, it feels like Sam and Nick are at odds about their standing on the case, but that's not the case. Nick was very supportive of Sam on this and when Detective Jeanine McBride was attack, things get heated up in the entire DC police force.

Meanwhile, we got some glimpse into Freddie and Elin's problem. They use to be f*ck buddy, but now Freddie wanted more from her. I hope things pan out for Freddie, the mama's boy. Did I mentioned that his mum kinda hates her for corrupting her boy's mind? LoL. On the other hand, Gonzo and Christina relationship was very heartwarming too, especially when he discovered he fathered a child during one of his previous fling and Christina was supporting him all along.

In between investigating a homicide case, Sam needs to plan for her second wedding. If matters were left in her hand, she would prefer elopement. But she will do it for Nick, since this is his first wedding and all. Meanwhile, Nick's mum suddenly pop up in his life demanding to see him when he is gaining popularity in the congress. Okay, one thing I don't really like is how Sam handle Nick's mum situation here. Maybe this is just a prove that no one is perfect, even our beloved heroin Sam. I hope she can do better than that and I really wish this mother angle to be explore more because I so wanted Nick to be happy.

While in the mist of all that is happening, Sam's psychotic ex-husband Peter might be release from jail after some evidence gathering screw up. I like seeing Nick get all pissed off and angry about this situation. 


After Nick came back from visiting his mum, he sadly told Sam that all she wanted was money from him. Guess what? Sam told him that he doesn't need his mother to be in his life. I hope that instead of saying that, she will trying to help Nick to reconcile with his mother.

Sam had a miscarriage yet again. Yes, she is pregnant. Is so sad to see her having her fourth miscarriage. On the positive side as what Dr. Harry said, at least this prove that she can indeed get pregnant. But I would have prefer Marie Force give us the scene with Sam telling Nick about her miscarriage instead of jumping straight to epilogue about them trying to put it behind them.  

Rating 4/5