Sunday, March 3, 2013

Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)


Cal (Steve Carell) found out his wife, Emily (Julianne Moore) is having an affair with his colleague and wanted a divorce. Unable to deal with the reality, he jumped out of the moving car that his wife was driving to avoid the confrontation. Cal then spent his miserable time at the bar and telling everyone about his wife infidelity over and over again.

Jacob (Ryan Gosling), the bar frequent patron and womanizer takes pity on Cal and decided to help him turn his life around. He will help Cal to prove his wife wrong. They spend the following days buying new wardrobe, new haircut and training Cal how to talk to woman. The socially awkward Cal was having a hard time holding a conversation with other woman, but he finally make his first success with a primary school teacher, Kate. After the initially success, Cal gains more confidence and manage to bring back a strings of women home every night. 

Hannah (Emma Stone) met Jacob at the bar and when he starts hitting on her, she decided to leave with her friends. Cal's son, Robbie had a crush on his 17 years old babysitter, Jessica. But she flatly rejected him. He made several attempts to confess to her in school and starts getting emotionally dramatic in class. Cal and Emily were then summoned to school by Robbie's teacher. As it turns out, the teacher is Kate. She was not taking it well that apparently Cal decided not to acknowledge her in front of his wife.

Recently graduated from law, Hannah was celebrating with her friends and colleague. When her boyfriend, Richard (Josh Groban) begin to make an announcement, she was disappointed that instead of a marriage proposal, he is offering her a position in his law firm. Hannah make her disappointment shown and fled the restaurant. With Jacob at the bar as usual, Hannah rush in dripping wet after then rain and kisses him in public. She drag him along leaving the bar and head back to his apartment. To overcome her initially grief, Hannah plan to sleep with Jacob, but they ended up having a long personal chat on the bed and Jacob showing her his underused massage chair.

Cal and Emily still missed each other and Cal constantly sneaked to their house to take care of the lawn and plants. One night, he found out that Emily called him up seeking for household advise just to hear his voice. In the meantime, Jessica was having a big crush on Cal as well. She got advised from her schoolmate on how to seduce older men.

Jacob no longer appear at the bar and Cal was trying to locate him. Apparently, Jacob was now in a relationship with Hannah and he ended up calling Cal for advise on how to handle a real relationship.


Cal decided to win Emily back by giving her a surprised by decorating the lawn with Robbie. At the same time, Jessica's parent found out that she had been taking naked photo to be send to Cal. Hannah is bringing Jacob to meet with her parents for the first time. As it turned out, all of them appeared at Cal's home. Hannah was actually Cal and Emily's eldest daughter. Cal was shocked to find out that Jacob, the womanizer was dating his daughter. Jessica's father was furious that Cal was seducing his daughter. Then all hell break lose among the men.

Cal told Jacob that he will never approve for his daughter to be with him. Jacob respects Cal decision to protect his daughter. Robbie was dejected to find out that Jessica like his own father. At Robbie's graduation day, Cal was sitting alone away from his family. Robbie was invited to give a speech and he started to say all the awful things and that he no longer believes in true love. In order to stop his son, Cal came forward and gave his own speech instead. He confessed that he found his true love when he brought ice cream for Emily for the first time when he was a teenager.

In the end, Cal finally approved Jacob to be with Hannah. Robbie with renew hope try to continue his quest for Jessica. She gave Robbie his graduation present, which appears to be her naked photo. The final scene showed Cal and Emily happily talking together that prove they might reconcile their marriage.   


In Crazy, Stupid, Love, we have three love stories. Cal and Emily, trying to find back their love towards each other in the brink of a divorce, Jacob and Hannah, found love among the most unlikely person, and Robbie never giving up his crush on Jessica.

Cal is a classic example of a middle age men who feels too comfortable with his marriage life until one day his wife had an affair. The situation forces him to wake up and make changes on himself. With the help from Jacob he became a more confident man and wanted to win back his wife.

The long conversation between Jacob and Hannah in his apartment was quite heart warming, especially when after hearing drunken Hannah constantly talking, Jacob soberly requested her to ask him a personal question. It seems like although he often socialize around the bar, no one will ask him any personal question and he is craving for it.

Robbie is one of the most stubborn and lovable kid I came across, I hope he get his Jessica in the end. You go, man!

Plot 4/5
E value 3/5
Rating 3.5/5