Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Waterdance (1992)


The Waterdance feels like an independent drama film that told us a story about Joel Garcia (Eric Stoltz), a writer who suffered a spinal cord injury after a skiing accident. The whole movie showed his rehabilitation progress and his constant battle to adapt to his new condition.

The first scene was us looking up the ceiling from Joel perspective while he was being carted on a hospital bed along the hallway. He was move into a living hall where he met with the other patient who also suffered from disability. Among the patients are Raymond (Wesley Snipes), the talkative one and Bloss (William Forsythe), the grumpy biker dude. Raymond and Bloss can't stand each other and they will even argue over a TV channel.

Joel's lover, Anna (Helen Hunt), who apparently was married to another man, was very supportive to him and stay by his side while he is recuperating. One day, he questioned Anna's love for him and wonder how could she love two men at the same time. But she said she just did.

In the meantime, the boys in the hospital became close to each other and they even went out for a rendezvous to a strip club. 


There is no happily ever after ending for me here, which left me feeling abit down. Anna told Joel that she decided to divorce her husband, but Joel stop her due to his current condition. The final scene, showed Joel is ready to leave for home and Anna came to pick him up. Raymond and Bloss came to an understanding and became friends.

Bloss, Joel and Raymond forms an unlikely friendship


The was an emotional movie that deal with the struggle that a handicap person face in their daily lives. Initially, Joel looks considerably calm for someone who had to deal with disability after a fatal accident. He put on a brave face in front of Anna, saying a writer doesn't need to stand in order to write. But he finally broke down and wept in front of Victor, a fellow patient while he feel asleep. There is one nudity scene involving Helen Hunt but not overall sexual. The three main characters suffered different kind of life changing experience, Joel struggle with his sex life, Raymond's wife wanted a divorce and Bloss fighting to sue for compensation. It gives us an insight to their life and change how we view the handicap people in our community.

E value 2/5
Rating 4/5