Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Death's Mistress ( Dorina Basarab #2 ) by Karen Chance

Death's Mistress by Karen Chance

Dorina Basarab is a dhampir-half-human, half-vampire. Back home in Brooklyn after the demise of her insane Uncle Dracula, Dory's hoping her life is about to calm down. But soon Dory realizes someone is killing vampire Senate members, and if she can't stop the murderer, her friends may be next...


Urban Fantasy


Wow! Louis Cesare, I just love that guy. He just came out of nowhere to save the day. And he just did all the right thing at the right time. Maybe a little too perfect, but a girl just can't complaint much.

Initially I was worried that this story is where they introduce another love interest, a woman from LC past and create a love triangle that I absolutely hate. I don't hate reading them, I just don't read them. Period. But I was delighted that this was not the case. Is good that they bring out his mistress and make the case resolve so that now he can just be with Dorina.

Rating 5/5