Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Upside Down (2012)

Upside Down
Starring : Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst
Genre : Romance
Rating : 4/5


The movie started off with Adam (Jim Sturgess) as the narrator, explaining the world he lives in. He resides in 'Down Below', a poor planet that resemble a slum with its bleak environment. There is another planet call 'Up Top', the rich prosper right above them. These two planets had an opposite gravity that prevents their people and objects from inter-mixing (can't picture it? refer to the movie poster). The only connection they have is through 'TransWorld', the evil corporate that utilizes the resources from 'Down Below' for their own selfish gain.

One day while climbing a cliff, young Adam met a girl, Eden from 'Up Top'. Initially, she is reluctant to befriend him because from her culture, they don't mixed with people from 'Down Below'. However, over the course of several years, they often met each other at this same location. Everything was going well for Adam and Eden until he decided to bring her down for a day together. They were soon discovered by the authorities and been hunted down. Eden successfully went back to 'Up Top', but suffered a severe concussion. The accident caused her to have memory loss and she then forgotten about Adam.

The cliff where Adam and Eden often met
Fast forward to present time, Adam was working on his anti-gravity project for face-lifting. When he discovered that Eden was still alive and now working at TransWorld, he decided to bring his project to TransWorld. After he got employed at the company, he then befriend Bob from 'Up Top' who helped him out in several occasions. By using his research on the face-lift product as an excuse, he manage to acquire certain material from 'Up Top'.

After devising a jacket and sole using 'Up Top' material, Adam manage to bring himself over to meet Eden. He was surprised to find out Eden no longer remembers him. But Eden was intrigue by Adam, who introduced himself as Bob. Later on, Bob was fired when the management due to Adam misusing his ID. The story showed several occasions whereby Adam went to 'Up Top' to met Eden, while evading the authorities.


After witnessing Adam being hunted by the authorities, Eden started to recall her memories of  him. She went back to the place where they used to met by the cliff and they reconcile their relationship. After their final confrontation with the authorities, Adam was now fired from TransWorld and had given up hope to be with Eden. However, the ending shows that Bob manage to get Adam's formula to be patented and told him that Eden is here to met him. Adam found out that Eden was pregnant with his baby and now able to stay down at 'Down Below' without being repulse by the anti-gravitational force. The epilogue scene shows the society on both world manage to live happily together without the force separation by the authorities.


Science fiction always caught my interest and I love the unique world building in this story because is so refreshing and no one done this before. The only thing that I found lacking is the missing of a villain character. The only antagonist they have here is the company TransWorld and the unknown authorities that kept chasing them, but it felt disconnected to me. If they showed us a villain CEO or a bad cop that is the driving force behind all the hunting, that would be more engaging. This movie is recommended for pure romance fans. Not recommended for guys for are looking for scifi movie because most of the science behind this story doesn't make sense and not much developed.

Plot 4/5
E value 4/5
Rating 4/4