Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All the Queen's Men ( CIA's Spies #2 ) by Linda Howard

All the Queen's Men by Linda Howard


No one knows the dangers of getting close to legendary CIA Black Ops specialist John Medina better than communications expert Niema Burdock. Five years ago, she and her husband worked with Medina on an explosive mission that ended in a tragedy. Although she has slowly recovered from her terrible loss, Niema planned never to see Medina again. Until now.


A French arms dealer is supplying international terrorists, and only Niema can plant the bugs needed to crack the deadly ring. Against her best instincts, she infiltrates the dealer's glamorous world. But when the plan goes awry, Niema and Medina must take flight in a strange land--and soon find their partnership sparked by an erotic charge. In a world of deception. John Medina has once again set Niema on a free fall into danger...and into desire like she's never known.


Romantic Suspense


The beginning was interesting and engaging. The background of John Medina was make up for a great hero. However, half way through things start to doesn't make sense. He is the John Medina, considered a legend, and yet he recruited an amateur Niema for a mission. I don't care that 5 years ago she was involved in a black ops. The fact is that she is nervous and gave me an amateurish feel. John Medina just plain doesn't do that in real life. 

The ending was stupid if this was make into a movie. But for a romance book, I think is..... okay. 


Their first sex scene that took place during the mission was totally.... I'm lost of words for it. Is that for real? Did I actually read it? Okay, I gonna salute to Linda Howard for coming up with this. I never read it before in any other romance novels.

Rating 3.5/5