Sunday, November 11, 2012

No Reservation (2007)

No Reservation
Starring : Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Abigail Breslin
Rating : 2/5


Kate ( Catherine Zeta-Jones), a top chef in the up scale restaurant of Manhattan is an aloof and intimidating character. She dislike socializing with customer, but often became offensive when someone commented on her dishes. When she sister was killed during a car accident, she found herself become the guardian for her young niece, Zoe (Abigail Breslin). On top of that, when she is away from work dealing with her sister passing, her boss hired a new chef, the flamboyant Nick (Aaron Eckhart). It doesn't help that all the colleagues like him more than Kate. When Kate found out about this, she felt her status in the restaurant being threaten. In the meantime, she is also facing a hard time communicating with Zoe, with the child's constant rejection of her.


Nick played a huge part in engaging with Zoe and in turns it help Zoe to connect with Kate. However, due to her ambitious nature, even after Kate and Nick are together, she still can't help feeling Nick is threatening her position at the restaurant. After they had an argument about this, Nick decided to resign and plan to take up a job as an executive chef at San Francisco. One night, when a customer repeatedly complaint that the steak was not raw enough, Kate took a raw meat and stab it right on the customer table. She then resign on the spot and went to reconcile with Nick at his apartment bearing her special truffle sauce. In the end, they both open their own cafe along with little Zoe.

Fun time together after Zoe got her wish to learn pizza making with Nick


The plot for this movie is very simply with not much entertainment value. This is not a movie whereby I will drag my friends or even my boyfriend to watch with me because I bet he will fall asleep right away. First half of the movie was depicting Kate having a lonely life as a successful chef. She work and then she busied herself with new recipe at home and then she goes to see her therapist on schedule. That's basically her life. Then after her sister passing, she spent most of her time dealing with her niece. The romance between Kate and Nick is not that well-developed either. She started off disliking his presence in the kitchen, and then she started to accept him better after he manage to connect with Zoe. Then, they both just got together. Hmm... not really a satisfying story there. If you are looking for a nice romance, this is not the movie. I don't know how should I categorize this. But the food they showed in this show makes me drooling anyway.

Plot 3/5
E value 2.5/5
Rating 3/5