Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tune Hotel, Danga Bay, Johor Bahru

Tune Hotel, Danga Bay, Johor Bahru
Is Tune Hotel the cheapest option in town? I would say depends on which town you are referring to. However, in Johor Bahru, I would say yes, provided you can make use of their basic amenities without the TV and air-cond. If you book 2 weeks early, you can get as cheap as RM48 per night on weekdays and RM58 per night on weekend.

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The Tune Hotel at Johor Bahru is situated at Danga Bay, km from the city centre. I had stayed here a couple of time because of its location near my working site. My trip to JB this time was a little rush and I didn’t make my booking prior through the Thus, I decided to walk in and was shocked to find out that they will be charging me RM80 per night. Although the Tune Hotels room rate fluctuate like a mutual fund’s NAV, but I had never encounter anything above RM73 inclusive tax. Not satisfied with the current rate, I make use of their free internet station to check their current online rate. Guess what I found out. Now that I make my booking online, the rate was only RM65 inclusive tax, RM15 cheaper than walk-in rate. So they actually charge additional RM15 for helping you to fill up the details and collecting your cash. Saving tips for staying in Tune Hotels: Must book online, preferably earlier to get cheaper rate.

Tune Hotel, Danga Bay, Johor Bahru

The internal design for every Tune Hotels in Malaysia looks similar to me. I had stayed before in the one at Kota Bharu and Penang as well. From the bedding, TV, shower head to the wallpaper, they look identical. The rate I mentioned above is the basic room without any other additional amenities. For the cheapest rate, I got myself a queen sized bed to sleep on, hot water shower and one electrical outlet for mobile charging, all sufficient for me to survive a night. The bonus is a security box, which I hardly use. You have to pay extra for towel with shampoo and soap, air-cond, hair dryer, TV and wifi. Sometimes they do have promotion whereby you can have everything add-in for a special rate. This you can either do it online or after you check-in. You just need to do some simply math and decide, which package is more value for money.

If you don’t have a data plan and desperately needs to check your email or maybe update your Facebook status to enable stalker to know exactly where you are, you can make use of the free internet station at the lobby. Obviously to avoid PC hogger, they don’t provide you with any chair.  

Double room at Tune Hotel, Danga Bay

In Tune Hotel, Danga Bay, they also provide ironing equipment at the 1st floor free-of-charge, although I have yet to try it out myself. I just saw the notice at the lobby stating it. Outside the lobby, there is also a 7-11 in case you need to buy some water or snacks or maybe a toothbrush. There is ample parking space here available inside and outside the compound.

With all the additional charges Tune Hotel impose on their guests, you might think that is better to stay in other hotel that charge you RM80 with all the facilities they provide. Yes, you are right. But if you wish to spend as little as possible for your overnight accommodation, Tune Hotel is the one for you. The cheapest rate I paid before was RM55.

Learn to make do with the minimum and avoid paying extra by
1.  Bringing your own towel and toiletries
2.  Using the ceiling fan provided
3. Bringing your own downloaded movies and play it in your laptop for entertainment