Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Singapore Night 2 : 'Garden by the Bay' and Chinatown

Supertrees at Garden by the Bay
My second night at Singapore was spent with a trip down the Chinatown to hunt for some chinese food and viewing the amazing night scenery of Singapore latest tourist attraction the 'Garden by the Bay', which newly launched on 28 June 2012.

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Tonight my colleague finally managed to spare some of his precious time to accompany me to the new 'Garden by the Bay'. But before that, we went make a pit stop at Chinatown for dinner. I felt that he had an obsession with Chinese food because he just had a dinner here yesterday. This Chinatown is not as crowded as the one we have in Malaysia and not as lively as well. Things looks more organized and most tenant are really Chinese. And guess what? I bumped into the famous German sausage stall operated by a German uncle. We also came across a group of uncles playing Chinese chess with only two person playing, but several others standing nearby to watch. It felt just like a scene cut out from a Hong Kong TVB drama.
Chinatown, Singapore
In order to reach 'Garden by the Bay', we stop at Bayfront station and make a short walk. Okay, the walk is kinda long. Once we came out from the station we have a close up view of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. I took a moment to stare into the hotel through the window and kept wondering was there that many occupants during a single night. After a few minutes, I failed to notice any human movement in there. I suspect they actually on the lights at random rooms to give us an idea that hotel was full of occupants, otherwise the hotel will looks dull without all the lightings. 
Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore
At Garden by the Bay, the access to the open garden is free, however entrance to the Conservatory Complex costs S$24 for foreigners. I heard some rave reviews about the place, but feels is too pricey. Obviously, we ended up walking around the outdoor garden without paying. The garden looks too dark during the night and you can't full enjoy it. Most of the trees planted were common species that you can find all around Malaysia. The only things we can admire during the night are the 'Supertrees'. I did not came up with the name myself, it was actually stated in wikipedia.
Supertrees at Garden by the Bay
While I was gazing at the so-called 'Supertrees', I felt like I had been transported to the future at 2099, whereby real tree goes extinct and our future generation had only the 'Supertrees' around for them. Overall, the night view at Singapore is simply stunning and you will be amaze by their modern architecture and urban landscape. But I wonder how much of fuel they burnt per night to power up all the lightings. 
Night scene of Garden by the Bay