Monday, July 9, 2012

Nadeje's Mille Crepe, Mahkota Parade, Melaka

Have you heard of Nadeje's Mille Crepe at Melaka? If not, you might be living under a rock or simply too busy to surf the food blogosphere. But worry not, you aren't missing out on the Malaysia's best cake house. I believe it was over-hype by the social blog and overrated as hell for a piece of cake that cost me RM9++ with lousy service because their staff were too busy to take your order. Recently, they had relocated their premise from Dataran Pahlawan to Mahkota Parade.

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If you had been in the food blogosphere in this recent year, you definitely had heard of Nadeje's Mille Crepe being reviewed over and over again by every other blogger. I was being introduced by Mr. B who visited the café 3 years ago with his ex-colleagues. He told me the cake was the best he had ever! Yes, he said that statement with an exclamation mark.

When we had the chance to visit Melaka together last year, he brought me to the Nadeje that was situated at the rooftop of Dataran Pahlawan. The queue and the crowd were intimidating. Even though you might not heard of the café, you will be tempted to check it out purely based on the view of the people lining outside their door. We separated the tasks with Mr. B queue to make an order and me trying to secure a table for two. Here you have to queue for both having here and take away. I feel that their premise is too small and lack of staffs to take order. Or maybe is a gimmick, everyone have to queue thus generating an impression of great business.

Nadeje at Mahkota Parade

In the end, I didn't manage to secure a table because other patrons were more aggressive and ruthless than me. Mr. B take away two slice of crepe, original and chocolate. The chocolate doesn’t taste nice to me; it just doesn't blend well with the prerequisite cream. The original one was fine, but still doesn’t warrant that long queue. Besides of mille crepe, they do have other western dishes and fancy drinks. 

Over the last weekend, we had an overnight stop at Melaka in conjunction with its 4th UNESCO World Heritage City Day, we decided to patronize Nadeje again and give other flavours a try. When we reached the Dataran Pahlawan’s rooftop, we were surprised to find the premise vacant. After Mr. B consulted the staff in Dataran Pahlawan, we found out that Nadeje had relocated to the opposite Mahkota Parade. Inside Mahkota Parade, we beeline straight towards the directory board, but Nadeje was not listed on it yet. After another consultation with another staff, we found out it was located at Ground floor, next to KFC, facing the main road.

Nadeje's Mille Crepe
Their new premise is not that big either and the seating outside was facing west with the awful heat. The queue was also quite long, I must say. But this time, is easier for me to get us a table. Mr. B ordered three slices of cake, two different cheese varieties and one milk tea crepe. The milk tea tasted okay, but after all tea was not my favourite, thus I pushed the whole piece to Mr. B. Both the crepe and whole cheese cake tasted yummy. Or maybe it was my biased towards cheese, my favourite. Each piece of crepe in Nadeje cost RM9 or even more for those that has elaborate decoration. Is quite pricey compare to Secret Recipe and their crepe are filled mostly with cream. Consuming one piece will make you quite bloated up due to the amount of cream present, but quality wise, is not worth the RM9. If I were to choose, I rather have a piece of Secret Recipe with substance instead of Nadeje that was half filled with cream. However, is recommended to try it at least once, so that you had something to say when someone brought up the topic of Nadeje's Mille Crepe. If you had tried certain flavour that tasted great, please do recommend it to us.


  1. I tried it this may not long ago.

    Definitely agree on the difficulties due to relocation, queue and the hot weather (I sat outside too)!

    The cake was beyond my expectation after tried some of the other crepe cakes outside. Seriously, so big difference between them.

    We've tried mango yogurt, which the staff recommended us to. It was quite nice although I have to admit it was pricey too.

    1. actually this is my first time tasting a crepe, so maybe is difficult for me to make comparison.

      thanks for recommending the mango yogurt flavour to us. we will try it out during our next trip

  2. If u have never tasted any Mille crepe cake before, you really can't tell how nice is nadeje's. I've tasted and got so disappointed with sooo many Mille crepe cakes in kl and klang valley, so I wasn't even keeping a hope how good nadeje's can be, but I was really surprise how good they are! We tried original and chocolate banana,both taste rich in flavor, smooth and creamy! Even my friends who doesn't like cream/milky taste said its very nice.

    In terms of pricing, I think the price is pretty much a "common" price. It takes a lot of work to make Mille crepe cake, so I wouldn't complain the price. Guess its about personal taste, I am not impressed by secret recipe's cakes. It was good, but not good enough for me anymore since I can get richer flavor, smoother texture, less commercialize cake else where.

    No, don't get me wrong, I don't work for nadeje's and it was my first time eating it last night. I don't hate secret recipe too, I still go there once in a while.
    I just don't agre with your comment on nadeje's when you have never tasted any Mille crepe cake lol. Seriously, try some other Mille crepe cakes, then go back to nadeje's, you will be impressed! Thanks for letting me know their cheese cake taste good thou, I love cheese!