Friday, July 27, 2012

Manicure @ Nail Chemistry

Review on Nail Chemistry at Old Klang Road with LivingSocial voucher that cost RM9.90.

The RM9.90 mani-pedi voucher in LivingSocial was too attractive to ignore. I ended up buying two vouchers four months ago. Only last week did I realized the vouchers are expiring. I made the booking with the not-too-friendly owner for Friday 5pm for me and my sister.

After my Nokia GPS navigated me to the Nail Chemistry along Old Klang Road, I was surprised to see the shop resides in an industrial places. Most of the shops there are warehouses and factories. Is weird to find a nail salon here among the men dominating shops. 

The shop is located one the 2nd floor and looks like an average nail salon you see everywhere. White wall, plush sofa and fashion magazines. As I was greeted by the not-too-friendly owner, we were told that we can only choose either manicure or pedicure. Apparently the voucher printed 'Manicure/Pedicure + Nail Art' and not 'Manicure+Pedicure + Nail Art'. Okay, I should have known things are too good to be true.

As the owner cum manicurist tending to my delicate nails, she never once spoke a single dialogue with me. The only sentence she asked me was 'You want round or square?'. After I answered 'Square', we continue sitting face to each other for the remaining 30 minutes in silence. 

Okay, enough of me complaining on the non existing customer service etiquette. Let me show you my newly painted nails. I can't remember which colour I had chosen because they were all number coded. The dotted lines that the manicurist painted were not straight enough. To summarize my experience with Nail Chemistry, this is a nail salon that I will never visit again unless they provide another round of RM9.90 voucher.