Monday, July 9, 2012

Hallmark View Hotel, Melaka

Hallmark View Hotel, Malacca
Have you ever experience living in a hotel that comes with a weighing scale, which seems to be taunting on the amount of calories we put in while on holiday? We experience this in Hallmark View Hotel. From LED lights on their shower head to the toilet bowl that clean your butt, this hotel manage to surprise us with all the bells and whistle that we didn't anticipate from a 3-star hotel.  

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We reached Melaka City Centre at 7pm and after a hard time looking for a spot to park; we were told by the Hallmark Hotel Leisure staff that we were at the wrong Hallmark Hotel. Apparently, there are three Hallmark Hotels that were situated within Melaka itself and another upcoming. I must say this is really confusing to tourist like us, even though all the hotels have a slightly different name, from Hallmark Inn Hotel to Hallmark View Hotel.

Deluxe room at Hallmark View Hotel

After resetting our gps, we finally found the Hallmark View Hotel that we actually booked through for RM140 per night. The front desk staffs were very friendly and helpful. They asked us for a name card and issued each of us a membership card to entitle for corporate rate in the future. Once we entered our room, we were caught by surprised from all the amenities that were available for the rate that we are paying. There is this touch screen for digital displayed of ‘Do not disturb’ and ‘Make up my room’, an oversized shower head and handheld shower with LED lights, even though I’m not sure what is the function of having disco lights while you were showering. There is also this fancy weighing scale, for those who wish to check how much calories they had put on from a trip to Jonker Street.

Hallmark View Hotel
I suspect the owner of this hotel is a Chinese man due their subscription of Wah Lai Toi and there isn’t Star Movie or HBO. We ended up watching NTV7 American Got Talent. Apart from the hot shower that takes some time to heat up, everything in the room was great. We didn’t make use of the large wardrobe available and didn’t manage to test their wifi speed either.

The next morning breakfast starts at 7am until 10am and we went down to fill our empty stomach at 8am. There isn’t a large selection of food available and no chef to cook you an instant sunny shine up or omelette. However, this is consider a decent breakfast that is value for money. They have coffee, tea and cordial, fried rice and noodles, sausages, beans, chicken porridge that is surprisingly quite yummy, watermelons, toasted bread with butter, jam and kaya, and some nyonya kuih.

Breakfast at Hallmark View Hotel
We headed back up to our room and decided to slack off the remaining morning until the 12pm check out time. I dozed off as usual and rely on Mr. B to wake me up. But surprisingly, he fall asleep as well and by the time we woke up it was 12.05pm and we still haven’t pack and bath. We make a courtesy called to the receptionist to inform them we were running late and whether it is possible to postpone the checkout time. We were grateful that they allowed us an hour of grace period and in the end we manage to hit the lobby at the record time of 30 minutes. 

Overall, we were satisfied with our stay at Hallmark View Hotel, although it was situated 4km away from Jonker Street. The premise was still new and everything looks polished. Just make sure you book and check in to the right Hallmark. If you wish to have easier access to Jonker Street, you should choose either Hallmark Hotel Leisure or Hallmark Inn Hotel instead.