Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Elianto's Nail Polish Swatches

We do not need constantly painting our nails with OPI nail polish to make them look good. I feels that RM5 per bottle of Elianto can do the trick as well. As long as the the brush enable a smooth painting, didn't leave streak marks on my nails and the outcome looks nice, is a great bargain. Now we didn't need to leave our nails naked due to cost saving.

Check out my Elianto's nail polish swatches on Thistle and Silky Brown.

The Thistle is a pastel color and we need a good painting skill to pull it off. Reapplying will leave obvious streak marks. We need to apply a top coat for Thistle to avoid it looking like dried out water color.
Elianto's Thistle with a layer of top coat
The Elianto's Silky Brown is easy to apply, no matter how lousy my skills are and how streaks I reapply, the paint texture on my nails still look smooth with a small touch of glitter. Is good enough without needing a top coat, but need two layer to avoid too bland.
Elianto's Silky Brown two layer