Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Buying OPI nail polish in Malaysia

Are you a manicure addict just like me? If you spend at least once a month in a nail parlor, you are definitely one. We girls just don't feel right with our nails appear naked. Something just seems wrong.

However, over indulging in such extravagance can really hurt our purse. Why not paint our own nail? Either using cheaper brand or even OPI, Do-It-Yourself is definitely a cheaper option. All we need is more practice or get your sister and help each other to paint. So where can we buy cheap and genuine OPI in Malaysia?

 Read more to find out where I choose to buy OPI in Malaysia.

Thanks to coupon website such as Groupon, Mydeal and I Love Discount, I had developed an unhealthy obsession towards mani-pedi. After purchasing several vouchers and going for manicure as frequent as once every three weeks (that's how long the polish manage to last before chipping off), Mr. B finally told me that I need to stop spending so much on it. Even though the voucher only cost RM38 per trip, I had spend hundreds during the past months.

Due to the aforementioned financial issue, I had decided to stop indulging in manicure and swear to paint my own nails from now onwards, albeit possessing sub par skills. Most nail parlors are selling OPI at RM79 and some kioks selling as low as RM39. I suggest you read up on how to spot a genuine OPI before deciding to buy a cheap one to avoid purchasing a fake. I had googled several sites and upon a thorough research I found out that the cheapest and safest way to purchase OPI nail polish is through Slammin' Tips 'n' Toes. They are selling each bottle between RM30 to 35. Some are ready stock, while some need to be pre-order. I made my first ordered and received my package in less than a week time. Although Groupon sometime do have sale for OPI, but the color choice were often limited and we need to act fast and fight to secure the nice color choice

'The Amazing Spiderman' OPI Collection
Currently, the latest collection is 'The Amazing Spiderman' that was released in May. The pre-order can be made now. Time to paint up our nails and watch the movie featuring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.