Sunday, July 1, 2012

Putrajaya Floria 2012

Venue : Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya
Date : 30 June - 8 July 2012

Is the annual floral festival again at Putrajaya. The theme for this year is Bougainvillea - Enduring Beauty. We reached there on the 30 June, in conjunction with Mr. B birthday. What's greater way to celebrate the special day with a visit to the country annual floral festival. The crowd was not too packed due to the afternoon heat and we managed to capture some photo without having much crowd in it.

Flower Galore and Showcase Garden

The main attraction for us is always the indoor Flower Pavilion for the display from international participants. It also serves as the cooling spot for us after all the sun and heat from the outdoor garden. We spent almost an hour here to go through each and every showcase and enjoyed the air-condition. The international participant came from all over the world, which include USA, Kenya, China and etc. Here we can observe the different style of flower arrangement from different part of the world. The two countries that captured my interest are the one below, from UK and Japan.

Indoor Flower Pavilion
We ended our visit by browsing the Garden Bazaar. The major product that was on sale seems to be the organic fertilizer. For those who have yet to experience the Putrajaya floral festival, do come and pay a visit. Admission and parking are free.

Garden Bazaar