Monday, June 25, 2012

Make your own Smoothie

Aside from bubble tea, Smoothie drinks are also getting all the hype among the health buff individuals.  We used to spent RM10 for cup of mixed fruit blend from JuiceWorks that comprised 50% of blended ice cubes. We were basically paying for all the ice and minimal fruits at an exorbitant fees.

As part of the stockpiling for our future kitchen, we had decided to buy a blender and I came across this Smoothie Maker in Groupon going at RM158. After a week of consideration, I found out MyDeal website was offering the same product at RM145. We decided its going to be a good investment since it claimed to be able to blend ice as well. We read up some good reviews and decided to purchase it. We were going to use it as our all purpose blender.

Two weeks later, the red Smoothie Maker was here and Mr. B can't wait to get started with his Smoothie making projects. On the first evening, since its arrival, Mr. B bought some green apples and pears. The outcome doesn't taste good because we didn't peel off the apple skin. Tips: If you want to blend apple juice, remember to peel the skin off.

Fruit blend from Smoothie Maker
The next Sunday, Mr. B bought some mangoes. This time the outcome was yummy. The mango Smoothie taste something between tangy and sweet and the texture were smooth and thick. Our family loves it very much.

I've decided to pay a visit to Juice Works soon at the nearest shopping mall and note down their extensive Smoothie recipe.