Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saving Tips for Books Lover

My paperbacks collection
Books can be expensive especially you are an English book reader. Fiction paperback prices ranges from RM30+ each and other non-fiction might cost even more. If you read an average of one book per week, you have to spend more than RM1.5K per year. Granted, that you can get tax exempted, but is totally not worth it considering most of the time we read the specific book only once and will left to dust later on or maybe end up in a junk yard sale. So how can we enjoy our reading without having to splurge a fortune?

Here I share with you some of my saving tips for us hardcore reader.

My obsession of fiction reading started during my student years at Taylor's College. When my course mates were busy revising on physic and chemistry textbook, my eye balls were fixed on battered library's paperback. I think fiction books should be ban in school libraries, as I strongly thinks that they hindered me from scoring distinctions.

I started off with reading the best seller such as Dan Brown's, JK Rowling and Michael Crichton. But as year passed, I ventured into least known authors and even some self-publishing ones. From crime thriller, science-fiction to chic lits, all of them were also my favourites.

The cost of paperbacks in Malaysia are ridiculously high ranging between RM30 to RM40 per book. If you are an avid reader like me, we are going to be bankrupt soon. I had even stop purchasing paperback ever since I got myself the Amazon Kindle two years ago. I named it Apad and it had accompanied me wherever I go and I consider it my most worthwhile investing so far.

Amazon Kindle

Here are some ways you can save your money while still enjoying the books.
  1. Borrow from the library - When I was a student, I make full use of my school library. We have already paid for it. When I was an adult, I signed up as a member in the local library. I used to be a member of Perpustakaan Komuniti Petaling Jaya near my neighbourhood, which cost RM15 per annum.

  2. Read at the book stores - I have stop buying any books from MPH and Border, unless I am so desperate that I will be miserable without owning it. I only visited them to enjoy reading the unwrap books for long period. I prefer visiting those with member's lounge such as MPH at 1Utama. However, do be a courteous reader and make sure the book is still in mint condition after we finish with it. Do not leave any dog ears behind.

  3. Buy from lesser known book shop - I recommend everyone to visit Book Xcess at Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. Their titles might be limited, but most of their paperbacks price at RM17. I did came across Dan Brown's and Twilights there. Consider dropping by to check out the titles available.

  4. Buy during warehouse sale - The Big Bad Wolf sales was held annually around Selangor area for the past few years. They were selling their new books at totally rock bottom prices. Best seller paperbacks go as low as RM8 per book. Go to their Facebook page and 'Like' them to receive alert of their future sales.

  5. Download ebook from the internet - Reading software copy is definitely the cheapest route. There were several website hosting ebook, both legally and illegally. Or try type in the author name, book title and book format in Google, and Voila!, you got yourself a free copy of the book. Reading from the laptop might strain our eyes, thus I bought myself an ebook reader. In the long run, it help save me a lot of money purchasing books.