Friday, May 25, 2012

Buying Amazon Kindle from Malaysia

I have been researching on several brands of ebook that were available in Malaysia, such as iRiver and Nook. But the prices were considerably higher than Kindle even with additional shipping cost from the US.

However, when I tried to make purchase at Amazon, it can't be done because Amazon does not distribute any of their product to Malaysia. What a bummer! Therefore, my friend suggested I use the delivery service from

1. Create an account in - after creating a free account, I received a US mailing address that can be use in Amazon

2. Create a new Amazon account - then I created a new Amazon account that specify I reside in the US with the mailing address I received from

3. Make Amazon purchase - I can now make any purchase in Amazon with free shipping to any address in US. Thus, we do not need to pay Amazon on any delivery charges.

4. Forward Amazon invoice to - upon payment to Amazon, forward the invoice to

5. Paid delivery charges - Once received the parcel, they measured the dimension and notified me on the delivery charges. I spent RM45 to get my Kindle delivered to my doorstep in Malaysia.

These were all easy to do steps. We do not need to make purchase from any third-party that selling Amazon Kindle at high as RM400 in some local forum.